MKTG Welcomes New #Humans: Meet our MKTG Interns!

MKTG is committed to developing industry talent through the creation of internship and entry-level opportunities, allowing the next generation of lifestyle marketers the chance to develop their skills in the sponsorship industry. MKTG has recently onboarded three new interns, with each role supporting a unique area of expertise. Read below to learn more about Leshell, Soha and Lindsey and their insights on the industry.

MKTG Takes Brunchfest

For the second year in a row, Bud Light Radler sponsors BrunchFest (alongside TasteToronto, the city’s guide for the best food and drink) in Toronto at popular event space 99 Sudbury. Aside from leading sponsorship, local vendors are given the opportunity to showcase their cuisine to thousands of brunch fans. To get a first-hand experience of the on-site activations at this festival, MKTG enlisted in the help of Rachel Stark, a Manager on MKTG’s LIVE team to share her experience and insights.

The Growing Market of Pet Influencers

Humans are no longer the only influencers on social media. Pet profiles have exploded over social media and have become a shareable asset for pet owners who are developing these accounts. Brands have taken notice of this movement and have leveraged these social profiles by turning them into brand ambassadors of leading campaigns. These pet influencers are helping brands reach new audiences and create refreshing content. The pet industry is growing - from 2007 to 2015, the pet owner market in the US has grown 43% with millennial's being the driving force behind this. Approximately 43 million millennial's own a pet and have spent $10.6 billion in 2014 alone. (Packaged Facts) MKTG explores how these growing profiles are being monetized within and outside the pet category.

“Bed-in-a-Box”: How Mattress Brands Differentiate Themselves in the Canadian Market

The mattress retail category is quickly shifting from a brick and motor shopping experience into a direct-to-consumer market. “Bed-in-a-box” brands operate mainly online and work to package quality mattresses in a compact box that get delivered to the doorstep of consumers. There has been an influx of brands within this category, but two of the most popular and highest selling names in Canada have been U.S-based Casper and Canadian-based Endy. Both Endy and Casper share similar attributes: a 100-night trial with full refund, fast and free shipping and market an enhanced sleeping experience – so how are these two brands differentiating themselves? MKTG explores how both brands are using sponsorship techniques to build their unique persona in today’s market.

3 Activation Design Elements Inspired by the Online World

MKTG sat down with one of our #HumansOfMKTG, Design Intern Adam May, to discuss effective creative elements implemented within activations. From our research, we discovered that many of these creative elements have been inspired by the online world such as allowing consumers to create shareable content such as GIFs. In this week’s blog, we break down how Tier-1 brands enhance the on-site consumer experience by using specific tactics that have originated from internet platforms.

Why Brands Should Partner with DocuFests

Unlike many notable film festivals such as the Toronto International Film Festival, “Docu-Fests” (Documentary based festivals) are often not as exclusive. Allowing more engagement with the public and with many Docu-Fests offering free admission, brands have more access to the everyday consumer. This creates the opportunity for brands to increase their awareness and create a higher impact within the market the festival is hosted. Brands can do so through a variety of tactics such as becoming a presenting sponsor, advertising pre-roll on select films or helping to fund unique initiatives developed by the festival. In light of Hot Docs, one of the largest documentary festivals in North America, kicking off in Toronto, MKTG explores 3 reasons why brands should look to partner with Docu-Fests.