#HumansOfMKTG Roundtable: New Tech in HUMAN Data Measurement

New technologies are emerging in the event space to better understand the thoughts, actions and habits of consumers and how this can affect the development of on-site activations. On-site experiences are about connecting the consumer to a brand and creating a relationship that extends beyond the present moment. The technology we discuss at our Roundtable is bridging the gap between collecting passive data such as impressions to collecting active data—the human impact—such as emotions and consumer behavior which ultimately assists in the tailoring of experiences to what the consumer wants.

It’s an Ambush at the 2018 World Cup!

With the World Cup bringing in over 3 billion viewers as one of the highest watched events in the world, brands are getting creative when marketing their products to capitalize on this global event. While official sponsors have made the significant upfront investment to secure their place in the action, many non-sponsor brands use “ambush marketing” (the practice by which a rival company attempts to associate its products with an event that already has official sponsors) —tapping into the attention surrounding the event without actually becoming a sponsor—to generate PR buzz and social chatter.

Major Sports Leagues Tackle Mental Health Head-On

The mental health of athletes has been a growing conversation. An increasing number of athletes, including the most notable players belonging to major league teams, are sharing their battle with mental health. The stigma is being broken that athletes must retain issues regarding their emotional, psychological, and social well-being, in order maintain a strong image for their team and in the public eye.

The Pop-Up Trend Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

Last year, we discussed at our roundtable the prevalence of pop-up stores and how this activation  technique was being used by a variety of brands from Haagen-Dazs to Heineken. The trend continues to explode as brands continue to implement more innovative pop ups such as American Express launching a pop-up restaurant in Toronto in collaboration with Chef Gordan Ramsay and other notable chefs from across Canada. Brands have been using pop-ups to test and sell products in any market and garner brand awareness quickly. With these reasons and more, MKTG breaks down some key benefits brands are experiencing from implementing pop-ups in their strategy.