Power Couple Marketing: Why It Works

By definition, a power couple is a relationship consisting of two people who are each influential and/or successful in their own right. Brands use these couples, who usually consist of high-profile celebrities, to gain mass awareness for their brand and products they promote. Also, by using a power couple, brands can target each partner’s unique following, expanding reach and impact for promotional campaigns. Using power couples in branded campaigns provides more exposure and engagement with consumers as celebrities’ personal lives, especially their relationships, often become one of their most marketable aspects. MKTG explores 3 case studies of brands who signed both parts of a couple in an endorsement deal

MKTG Meets Mixed Reality

A new technology has arrived, and activations & event professionals are taking notice. Mixed reality (MR) technology allows consumers to engage with digital content and is a level up from traditional Virtual Reality (VR) as consumers can interact in real time using their physical touch with surrounding holograms. MR adapts to any environment and blends together the physical and digital world – brands have recognized this technology and have been incorporating more MR tech into their activations as it creates a more tangible experience for the consumer. See the below for an example of MR tech from Microsoft that has been used in activations.

The Power of Live: How Brands Are Leveraging Live To Engage Their Audiences

Brands are increasingly finding unique ways to provide the same tangible and personal experience of “live” to their consumers. Now more than ever, brands are scaling their approach in real-time to humanize their brand by placing it in the centre of a trending story or moment. MKTG has outlined different ways that “live” is being leveraged by brands and warnings for reactive content.

Meet Our MKTG Interns!

MKTG is proud to welcome our latest #Humans to the team with the addition of three new interns: Derek Chen, Adam May and Steven Shory. For the past 10 years, MKTG has been committed to developing industry talent through the creation of internship and entry-level opportunities, allowing the next generation of lifestyle marketers first-hand exposure to all aspects of the sponsorship industry.

Brands Turn Up the Tech in Pyeongchang

Korea is known as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. With prominent brands such as LG, Hyundai and Samsung being headquartered in Korea, the country acts as a global leader in the tech development. Olympic events take on the brand and spirit of their host country and sponsors can tap into that with a variety of tactics and activations. Given the importance of tech and innovation in the culture of Korea, sponsors have stepped up their game and incorporated tech into their activations in a compelling way to 655,000 consumers on-site and millions of viewers through broadcast. MKTG looks at how three brands are flexing their tech muscle at this year’s Winter Games.

Super Bowl – For More Than Just Sponsors Part IV

In Part Four of our Super Bowl analysis series, we look at how this night offers both official NFL sponsors and non-sponsors the opportunity to leverage the Super Bowl to make bold statements and communicate messaging. MKTG will take a closer look at the official sponsor versus non-sponsor activity within the following categories: Technology, Beverage and Automotive.

The Bachelor: A Social Influencer Launch Pad

With The Bachelors ratings climbing 30 percent with its core demographic of adults aged 18-49 in its latest episode, the show proves its strength in popularity while being in its 22nd season. For quite some time, both Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises have contestants that are launched into the spotlight where social media followings grow fast in the micro-influencer range of 10,000-100,000 – with some reaching mega fame at the 1,000,000 mark. Engagement rates with Bachelor contestant social media profiles are also higher than average which is an added benefit for sponsors. MKTG looks at some of the show’s most prominent break out influencer stars and trends we see in the brands they partner with.

3 Sponsorship Takeaways from HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is a free game show app founded by the creators of Vine, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll that broadcasts live, weekdays at 3pm and 9pm EST and weekends at 9pm EST. The show attracts an average of 500,000 – 750,000  people per game where users tune in live to answer twelve questions from a variety of topics that span over a fifteen minute time frame - if every question is answered correctly, there is a pool of money the winners split. The app has a high popularity with users and has only grown since its launch. In January 2018, there have been many days where viewership has surpassed over a million.