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Picks of the Week: April 9, 2018

Picks of the Week: April 9, 2018

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Google promotes voice technology with Fun House activation.



Google has continued to increase their presence in the realm of voice technology. Brands, such as Google, use the South by Southwest Film Festival (held in Austin Texas last month) to create interactive activations. Google went big this year, using an entire house for their “Google Assistant Fun House”. The activation incorporated an immersive guided experience, brought to life by the many ways users can use their voice to control their surrounding environment. The house featured 12 varying installations, showcasing the increasingly popular technology. The backyard included a patio with umbrella tables and an old fashioned silver food truck (used as a bar), inspired by the local culture.

One example of what Google put on display at their Fun House was the Music Lab, where guests could demo the Google Home Max to control the music. Another popular installation was the Hangover Room, where users could close their blinds, dim the lights, and play some soothing music, all without having to leave the comfort of their bed. Google also used this activation to showcase some of their partnerships that incorporate the smart technology. Demonstrations of how voice technology can be used with “Rachio”, a smart wifi sprinkler system, can be used to water your grass or garden without being at home or stepping outside. Another example of this would be running a laundry programme with LG appliances from your Google products. Lastly, “Nest” was demonstrated to be used by pet-owners, who could remotely feed their pets, let them outside, or simply check in on them from a smartphone.

This activation was successful for Google, attracting large numbers of guests throughout its entirety. Google capitalized on the opportunity to attract new business as well. Putting their partnerships like Rachio, LG, and Nest on display only proved how limitless the options are for voice technology and how any product or service can be enhanced through voice-commanding features.



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Wendy's launches hip hop mixtape full of fast food diss tracks.

On March 23rd, the fast food chain Wendy’s dropped a hip hop mixtape titled “We Beefin’”. The album cover plays homage to their square patty and defines the album artist as Wendy’s notable twitter handle “at Wendy’s” (@Wendys). The five song album was released on Apple Music and Google Play for $0.99 per song or $4.95/$4.99 for the album and on Spotify following their subscription based model. On Spotify, the album has reached 930,560 monthly listeners with the most popular song Twitter Fingers played 944,844 times. The We Beefin’ lyrics throw shade at a variety of brands including McDonalds and Burger King but are focussed on their brand message that their beef is fresh, never frozen. This marketing initiative aligns well with Wendy’s strong Twitter personality and recognition within the millennial demographic. Moving forward, Wendy’s has indicated on Twitter that they would be on board with a collaboration, highlighting some influential rappers as possibilities including Jay Z, Migos, Nicki and Cardi B.



Unconventional Partnerships on April Fool’s Day

Unconventional Partnerships on April Fool’s Day