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Picks of the Week: February 19, 2018

Picks of the Week: February 19, 2018


Account Executive, Consulting


PlayStation transformed the Golden State Warriors’ court into a God of War ad.



Sony’s PlayStation took over the Oracle Arena in Oakland to promote the PS4 “God of War” game through an immersive experience for the fans attending the Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs game on Saturday, February 11th.

During the game’s halftime, through a projection-mapped activation that was catalogued as “War on the Floor” a 2-minute sneak peek of the newest game of the series came to life. With all the main lights down, the court itself lit up as scenes of the epic saga took over the court (which was the main action screen), the scoreboard and the digital boards around the sides of the area that intended to illustrate the snowy-forest landscape, battles and combats of the upcoming game to be released on April 20th. The animation was seen by the 18,000 people at the game and thousands more through Facebook Live and ABC’s national broadcast.

This activation was meant to surprise people and create buzz while taking over an important white space that seems to be underestimated by brands: “Half-time”. Other than in the Super Bowl, half-time isn’t a priority of sport events and brands should start leveraging this space to own moments that will keep them relevant and connected to its consumers through unforgettable experiences. PlayStation’s investment and effective execution of “War on the Floor” could be a turning point of future activations during match intervals.


Account Coordinator, Activations & Events

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home partners with Bumble.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home have collaborated with Bumble to create a pop-up studio in the heart of the city. According to Bumble’s 2017 research, 46% of Australians are more likely to swipe right on Bumble if the profile picture contains a cute dog. In response to this data, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home created a consumer experience in which the public could donate $10 and get their picture taken by a professional photographer with one of the shelter dogs. All of the donations are going towards Sydney Dogs and Cats Home goal of raising $3 million to build a new shelter and create general awareness.

In addition to the one-day on-site experience, this partnership is supported by social media and content development. An original video was released promoting the activation, a second video will walk through the features of the experience and the last content play will dive into any love stories that began because of a doggy profile picture. The Bumble matched couple will be brought back to the shelter for a champagne date amongst the dogs to celebrate the initiative and capture content. 




Account Coordinator, Activation & Events

Samsung opens their largest store in Canada.



Korean tech giant Samsung recently opened their newest flagship retail location inside Toronto’s Eaton Centre. The 21,000-square foot space pushes the boundaries of a traditional retail store, providing an immersive experience than the average consumer has come to expect. The store boasts a number of fashionably dressed employees whom are called “Galaxy Consultants” and displays Samsung’s wide variety of tech products including smartphones, smartwatches, VR head sets and home appliances. The store was designed with curves in mind, inspired by Samsung’s product line and is most noticeably implemented in the stunning curved staircase located at the entrance. The space is clearly meant to be a place to experience and hang out in as it also has an abundance of seating for customers to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy downtown core.

On top of VR experiences, the space will also run cooking demonstrations and classes, showcasing the newest Samsung appliances. The store also has managed to include local art with focus on education through their partnership with OCAD and George Brown College. The aim is to feature the works of art students on their various cases, which are to be replaced with new designs each month. With the continued rise of e-commerce, Samsung is evolving the traditional shopping experience which is sure to catch the eyes of consumers and bring retail into the future.

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