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Picks of the Week: February 21, 2019

Picks of the Week: February 21, 2019



Account Coordinator, Consulting

Green Giant x Farmer’s Only

Green Giant celebrated Valentine's Day by partnering with dating site FarmersOnly.com to give farmers and vegetable consumers a week of free premium access. Additionally, Green Giant created a dating profile leveraging their mascot in a humorous way stating that he is seeking a mate who will "love him as much as much as he loves his greens."

With this partnership, we can see Green Giant leveraging the dating platform to increase brand awareness and social media traffic in an attempt to resonate with younger consumers, who tend to use online dating apps and consume healthier food options. Increasingly there are more brands (e.g. Fiat Cars & Happn) making a concerted effort to grow their social presence and reach a younger target audience by partnering with dating apps.



Graphic Design Intern, Creative

Zara’s Logo Redesign

This month the popular Spanish retail store Zara recently got a logo refresh. However, it has received overwhelming amounts of criticism from fellow designers online. The rebranding features a minimalist style typeface, similar to their old logo, with Zara spelt with serif characters so close they are overlapping each other. Baron & Baron describes their creative direction as an homage to founder of the company Fabien Baron, making the logo resemble his signature typography used in popular magazines in the 90’s.

However, the design has attracted criticism from fellow designers and on social media calling the logo “claustrophobic”, a German typographer who worked at Adobe even called the design, “the worst piece of type he’s seen in years”. As well a British designer poked fun at the logo by posting a photo mocking the logo which began going viral around the design community.

It has become a recent trend for brands to change up their brand identity, Luxury brand Celine removed its accent from its name in September, Audi, Formula 1, YouTube, Calvin Klein and Converse all simplified their logos as demand for an easier online experience increases.

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