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Picks of the Week: January 14, 2019

Picks of the Week: January 14, 2019



Intermediate Graphic Designer, XM, Creative

Trend Alert: Living Coral Projected to Dominate Marketing Landscape in 2019

It appears consumers have gotten sick of Millennial Pink, the colour that took us by storm from 2015 all the way until the end of 2018. It was unavoidable, whether you were Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, or Gen Alpha, Millennial Pink did not discriminate. But not to worry, Millennial Pink’s not -so-distant cousin Living Coral (code 16-1546) has already been promoted to take over as the “it” colour of 2019.

Yet one may wonder, whose job is it to forecast the trendiest colour of the year?

Her name is Leatrice Eiseman and she is the executive director at the Pantone Color Institute (the same folks who bring us PMS colours). Part of Eiseman’s role is to travel around the world documenting colour patterns and trends from Milan all the way to Beijing.

Her prediction has a global rippling effect on advertising, fashion, design, technology – basically all avenues of marketing. So next time you see the use of coral in market, you’ll have Eisman to thank.


Account Coordinator, Consulting

Serena Williams x Bumble

Earlier this month, Bumble announced that iconic tennis superstar Serena Williams will become a new face for the brand to kick off a strong campaign focused on women’s empowerment. Titled “The Ball Is In Her Court” the campaign urges women to make the first move in ALL aspects of their lives whether in career, sports, health and relationships. With it’s launch set for Feb 3.—to coincide with the Superbowl—Bumble hopes to gain mass awareness to compete with the likes of Tinder, and to promote its newer functions like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz to help women find friends and build business networks.

The partnership also represents another step in Bumble’s commitment to sport, building off their groundbreaking deal with the L.A. Clipper last year—with the Bumble “Empowerment Badge” featured prominently on team uniforms.

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