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Picks of the Week: January 29, 2018

Picks of the Week: January 29, 2018


Assistant Coordinator, Activations & Events

Team Canada launches new Winter Olympic campaign.



The Canadian Olympic Committee unveiled their new brand spot for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The marketing Campaign celebrates Canadian athletes and highlights our shared values as Canadians. The marketing plan consists of highly cinematic short films which will showcase different athletes’ insights and backgrounds. The COC is also using digital media marketing, out of home advertising, print stories, and social media activity to engage Canadians and increase awareness of the upcoming games. The marquee hit from the campaign is a 60 second commercial called “Virtue and Victory” and throughout it the narrator makes several references to what it means to “Be Olympic”. Quotes like “giving all against all”, “strength in unity”, “standing for virtue and victory”, and a powerful statement that there is no decision between virtue and victory are used to describe what it means to “Be Olympic”. The campaign places a call to action on Canadians to “Be Olympic” and directs them to the campaign website. 

The dark tone of the campaign is unique, which is definitely not the norm for a large-scale sporting event like the Olympics. Although, branching away from the stereotypical montage of athletes putting their talents on display may not be the worst idea. When consumers visit beolympic.ca, they can learn the backstories of athletes like Mark McMorris, who was in a serious back-country snowboarding accident less than a year ago which left him with 17 broken bones and a collapsed lung. After learning these stories, Canadian viewers are likely to have a closer connection to the 2018 team thus increasing overall interest.


Account Coordinator, Consulting

Carnival Cruise Line appoints Shaquille O’Neal as ‘Chief Fun Officer’

Former NBA Superstar Shaquille O’Neal has partnered with Carnival Cruise Line under their ‘Choose Fun’ brand campaign. The announcement of the endorsement deal was presented along a series of advertisements, where O’Neal lends his larger-than-life personality to get people to #ChooseFun when planning their next vacation.

In addition to starring in a series of adverts, O’Neal will be promoting Carnival on social media and through experiential activations. With this partnership Carnival hopes to leverage O’Neal online and media persona to capture a wide demographic to attract new and old customers to drive consideration and awareness.

Derek's Pick

Assistant Coordinator, Consulting

Liquid Death Water markets a unique spot similar to energy drinks.


Liquid Death is an upcoming beverage company promoting spring water to young people. Reinventing the model of health, yoga, and inner peace associated with most bottled water advertisements, Liquid Death steers towards the lines of the energy drink market. It does so by stating that water is the most extreme and dangerous liquid on earth, killing thousands of people every year.

The psychological persuasion of energy drinks is to form a perception of that “badass” attitude through bright colours, bold shapes, big type, and shapes to attract youth. Liquid Death is designed to use more sophisticated marketing tactics to emphasize how “kid-ish” energy drinks really look. The idea of a can looking like craft beer strongly contrasts the kiddish-ness of the energy drink, thus emphasizing these aspects of both of the designs.

Since releasing their promo video on Facebook on October 25, 2017, Liquid Death has been “crushing” major brands like Monster, Red Bull and every bottled water company in average shares per post, average likes per post, and engagement percent.


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