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Picks of the Week: July 9, 2018

Picks of the Week: July 9, 2018


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Delta Airlines Teams Up With Equinox Fitness Clubs To Launch #SweatLag Campaign



Delta has partnered with Equinox to launch its #SweatLag campaign. The central focus behind the campaign is on a specifically designed workout class aimed at beating jetlag. The SweatLag classes will be running in Los Angeles and are available to anyone who recently took a flight. The collaboration will promote Delta’s Airbus A350 which offers various in-flight features that will help fight jet lag in the air. According to Equinox the #SweatLag workout is scientifically designed to help people adjust to a new time zone. In addition to the workout, the #SweatLag campaign is releasing OOH elements with interactive digital billboards, encouraging people to “sweat away” their jet lag upon arrival. With this partnership, we can see both brands targeting similar consumer segments: on-the-go affluent consumers. Furthermore, this collaboration ties in unique OOH and online tactics through digital billboards and website engagement, all brought together to tackle a predominant issue for frequent travelers: jetlag. Typically, Airline Marketing gravitates to customer service and convenience, and the #SweatLag campaign provides a new and refreshing way of reaching target audience in a compelling and differentiated way.



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Bring Bob’s Burgers Home With Blue Apron


Blue Apron is hoping that people will want to bring the Belcher family into their homes with its Bob's Burgers-themed meal kits. Blue Apron is bringing three burger recipes to life. They will be featuring two recipes that have previously been featured on Bob's Burgers episodes the Quantum of Salsa Burger and the Gouda Wife Burger. The third, the Absentee Shallot Burger will make its debut on the show's ninth season premiere on September 30. The three burgers will be featured in the July, August and September box options. Portions of the proceeds during the month of September will go to Feeding America. Chef Alvin Cailian of LA’s Eggslut worked with Blue Apron to bring the Bob’s Burgers recipes to life. Chef Cailan has also previously collaborated with Bob’s Burgers, becoming chef of the pop-up restaurants in Los Angeles and New York that took place.

Delta Partners with Equinox

Major Sports Leagues Tackle Mental Health Head-On

Major Sports Leagues Tackle Mental Health Head-On