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Picks of the Week: March 14, 2019

Picks of the Week: March 14, 2019



Strategic Planner

The Smirnoff Equalizer

In 2017—a year that many media outlets have dubbed “The Year of the Woman”—not one of the top ten songs on Spotify was performed by a woman. To shine a light on the disparity in music listening habits, Smirnoff and Spotify teamed up to build a platform that analyses your own listening habits, and enables you to create playlists based on your musical tastes that have a more equal representation.

Through this partnership, Smirnoff and Spotify harnessed a powerful cultural insight; putting a mirror in front of every user that made a real impact, providing real value with the “Equalizer” the fulfill a need they didn’t even know they had, and converting that all into tremendous organic reach through thoughtful executions and seamless social sharing.



Graphic Design Intern, Creative

Mastercard Debuts Sonic Brand

At the start of 2019, Mastercard ditched their name in their logo rebranding, a move that very few brands have been able to successfully do (Apple, Nike, McDonalds, Pepsi…). Now in the minds of Mastercard they are successfully finished in the Visual Branding now Mastercard has decided to dive into uncharted territory.

In terms of Sonic Branding, Mastercard invested 2 years in their sonic brand developing the right sound, it is comprised of a distinct melody that is about 30 seconds long that can be adapted to work across genres and cultures, while maintaining Mastercard’s brand voice globally. This sound will be implemented in background music in ads, as well as in sponsorship, Mastercard’s call centres and as a ringtone should people want to download it. This sound identity also includes what they call a ‘Mogo’ (a musical logo) that lasts for about three seconds and will be used in situations such as point-of-sale, both online and in-store.


Katherine Allen’S PICK

Strategic Planning Coordinator

Skoda’s “Doug the Dog” Advertisement

I liked Skoda’s ad because it tugs on heart strings and is a clever way to introduce a new feature in their vehicles, one that is aligned with their new brand vision. This new feature and its accompanying ad reflect the reliability that the brand is traditionally known for, but also their forward thinking, perhaps to appeal to new audiences.

Skoda posted a CTA on their Twitter to post a picture of your dog with the hashtag #DogTheDoug, to see what their dog would look like if it weighed one tonne. The CTA is simple, effective, cheap to execute, gets encourages conversation. It was impactful to give Doug a name as it makes the ad more personable and creates a character that they can leverage in future content and ad pieces. All in all, I think this was a holistic effort that integrates their new brand vision well and will probably drive sales from dog lovers too.


Taylor Mosen’S PICK

Account Manager, Consulting

Tobacco Sponsorship in F1

Tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PMI) have been a sponsor of F1 team Ferrari for over 40 years; however, throughout the last 10+ years, most of their activation has been done behind closed doors due to restrictions on promoting tobacco.

In 2018, Ferrari announced new PMI branding on their F1 cars in the form of ‘Mission Willow’, however, before the first round of the F1 season this weekend in Australia, the team have been forced to remove the branding temporarily.

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