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Picks of the Week: July 16, 2019

Picks of the Week: July 16, 2019


Taylor M’s Pick

Manager, Consulting

Formula E #FanBoost

Home field advantage is one thing, fans directly influencing the outcome of a sporting event is another. Formula E is the only sport in the world where a competitor’s popularity has a tangible impact on the outcome of the event.

Formula E fans are asked to cast a vote for their favourite driver in the lead up to an event and up to 15mins into the race itself; the five drivers with the most votes receive a #FanBoost, giving them increased power for a few seconds during the race, which can be a significant advantage in motorsport when used at the right time. It’s interesting to think about how this concept could be applied to other sports, but the opposition would surely argue that fans should have no part in affecting the outcome of a sporting event, apart from offering support in the stands and by viewership. This is definitely a solution to increase die-hard fan engagement, though. Hopefully bots don’t infiltrate and ruin the game.


Mariah’s Pick

Intern, LIVE

Baskin Robbins x Stranger Things

In honour of the third season of Stranger Things, Baskin Robbins transformed two of their stores into a Scoops Ahoy, one in Los Angeles and the other one in Toronto. The pop-up is located at Woodbine Mall and Fantasy Fair which is almost a replica of the show’s Starcourt Mall.

The partnership introduced three limited editions flavours: U.S.S. Butterscotch (butterscotch ice cream with butterscotch pieces and a toffee ribbon), Eleven’s Heaven (waffle ice cream with chocolate coated waffle pieces and a chocolate ribbon) and the Upside Down Praline (chocolate ice cream with pralines and a chocolate caramel ribbon). There are also limited-edition shirts, POP! figurines of Steve Harrington, sets of stickers, and magnets. The pop-up runs from July 4-14.


Stefania’s Pick

Account Executive, LIVE

Blink’s Mobile ATMs

In Bolivia, there are around 27 ATMS available for every 100,000 citizens, meaning the most remote and low-income locations have less access to cash. The growth of the ATM infrastructure has decreased since 2008 and there is no digital solution foreseen in the next 2 decades.

Ogilvy Bolivia decided to capitalize on the 7 million-smartphone user population to start-up their fin-tech app called Blink. Although the app’s final release is scheduled for October, it’s a global startup to watch in 2019; the app enables users to connect with taxi drivers to dispense cash in exchange of an app generated code redeemable for the same amount + a small commission. The goal is to make cash more accessible to everyone and jump from 27 ATMs for every 100,000 residents to more than 500, championing an inclusive financial system within the community. 

Latin America has stood up globally as a region that faces unique financial challenges including populations with minimal access to banks, unique local payment systems and lack of cash-flow, cashless platforms and international credit card penetrations. These challenges present banks and fin-tech companies with opportunities to take advantage of the incredible growth opportunities to transform these regions’ financial landscape.

This is a great example of a brand creating a temporary solution for an isolated problem, which will help consumers adapt and overcome changing situations. These challenges contribute to a world of infinite possibilities for everyone.

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