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Picks of the Week: July 22, 2019

Picks of the Week: July 22, 2019


Walid’s Pick

Intern, Consulting

Brands Storming Area 51 Memes

A Facebook event page with over 1.5 million people ‘attending’ an event organized to storm the military base Area 51, that is synonymous with alien conspiracies has recently been the spotlight of social media and news outlets. With all the attention the Facebook event page has been receiving, brands are trying to leverage their social media outlets to take advantage of the Area 51 themed memes’ popularity and attention, as we often see with popular topics of the day.

Despite the assurance from the cause’s founders that this was all just a joke, The U.S. Air Force quickly released a warning discouraging anyone from attempting to enter the top-secret area - this arguably backfired as it actually drove further attention and traffic to the Facebook event page. It’s important for brands to be aware of what’s trending and, where appropriate, insert themselves in conversations to leverage the associated traffic. It shows consumers that they are “pop-culturally” aware

taylor g.jpg

Taylor’s Pick

Junior Graphic Designer

WeTransfer Unveils 'Please Leave' Campaign

WeTransfer, a popular cloud-based computer file transfer website – launched its new “Please Leave” campaign bringing light the unhealthy relationship between people and technology. The one-minute clip reveals the things one could do if we weren’t on your screen as frequently as we do, inspiring art and creativity. The video encourages creative to creates and to use the service to post/share/send their art quickly online then leave.

The company is drawing heritage through this campaign as a company that values putting people first, online and offline. This is a clever effort as it can create new branding opportunities for WeTransfer with local artists, galleries and more in future. Potential applications of this are likely to be used on their website, where they typically leverage different pieces of creative and photography as their landing page background.


Rachel’s Pick

Account Manager, LIVE

The Busch Secret Pop-Up Schop

Busch beer has announced the Busch Pop-Up Schop that will be in a mysterious forest location on Saturday, July 20. The promotional video can be found on YouTube, with clues leading up to the weekend pop-up on Twitter. To guess the location yourself, click here.

One lucky person who finds the pop-up “schop” will win free beer for life - others who find the location will not only receive limited-edition merch" (i.e. a Busch logo lumberjack shirt) but 100 trees will be planted for everyone who finds the schop, thanks to Busch’s partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

There has been high engagement online thus far, although the amount of people who are near the specified location will likely be limited (us Canadian’s will have to watch from afar!). Fortunately, Busch's online pledge is available, and Busch will donate $1 to the National Forest Foundation for every signature— up to $100,000. 

This is a great initiative that relates to the Busch brand and we hope to see further development with this partnership. There are plenty of CSR initiatives related to this that would be a natural fit for the Busch brand. 

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Picks of the Week: August 12, 2019

Picks of the Week: August 12, 2019

Equal Pay for Equal Play – How Women’s FIFA Sponsors are Breaking Barriers for Women in Sport

Equal Pay for Equal Play – How Women’s FIFA Sponsors are Breaking Barriers for Women in Sport