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Picks of the Week: September 17, 2019

Picks of the Week: September 17, 2019


Stefania’s Pick

Account Executive, LIVE

Doritos’ Another Level Campaign

Doritos introduced its “Another Level” campaign, where they temporarily removed its branding and logo from social, leaning solely on the triangle shape that makes up the classic chip. According to press releases, this was effort to appeal to Gen Z-ers who are “over” overt advertising. While Doritos’ social channels have resorted to normal, the campaign will extend into the Fall with a Snapchat filter where consumers can turn themselves into a Triangle, and submit UGC in the shape of Triangles (while this second portion is overtly clear because we cannot find a submit content option, apparently Doritos will be sharing fan art at some point in the next few weeks).

We see this as exactly what it is - a stunt that reminds consumers after watching the commercial how familiar they are with the Doritos brand based on all of the familiar cues (cheesy fingers, the red and blue bags, and of course, triangles), which may drive purchase consideration next time a chip purchase decision needs to be made. We are curious as to how the Gen Z-ers who are targeting through this effort will receive the brand given that it’s now reverted back to “overt” ads.


Anna’s Pick

Account Manager, LIVE

Southern Rail & #AskEddie

A young, eager man named Eddie began his 2-week internship at Southern rail with the goal of doing his best to turn things around for the company, amidst high volumes of customer complaints. When the company asked him to take over their Twitter account, #AskEddie was born, creating a viral sensation.

Eddie answered all questions, train-related or not, such as what people should have for dinner or if he’d rather deal with a duck-sized horse or a horse-sized duck (valid question). After a couple hours, Eddie had accumulated over 6,000 likes on the company’s twitter account and quickly turned into a viral sensation. Using the hashtag #AskEddie, questions came flooding in and Eddie answered like a champ in an honest, polite and witty way.

Not only did he make people forget about the company’s struggles for a short time, but he also tweeted his way into the hearts of thousands, making international headlines and – for a short period – made the company way more likeable.

So if you sometimes don’t know what to do, maybe ask the intern…


Iain’s Pick

Account Executive, Consulting

‘Tony the Tiger’ Sun Bowl

The Sun Bowl, an NCAA college football bowl game, has announced a new title sponsor with the cereal Frosted Flakes. However, what makes the partnership unique is the title they are using with the game, as it will be referred to as “Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl”, Frosted Flakes mascot. The Tony the Tiger Bowl will also support the “Mission Tiger” initiative which aims to raise awareness and funds for at-risk middle school programs. There are 41 NCAA bowl games with the majority of them having a title sponsor.

As a result, some sponsors have gotten creative with their titles in an effort to stand out amongst the clutter. Other bowl games have names such as Bad Boys Mowers Gasparilla Bowl, Cheez-It Bowl, and a former bowl game was called the Bitcoin Bowl named after the crypto currency.

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