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Picks of the Week: September 23, 2019

Picks of the Week: September 23, 2019


Jordan’s Pick

Account Director, Consulting

An Eye-Opening Stay at SickKids with AirBnB

My favourite campaigns are the ones that you can pick up on the strategy from the first piece of communication. When you don’t just see what a brand is saying, you can see why they are saying it. “SickKids VS” was a widely awarded and campaign when it launched in 2017 to build awareness that SickKids had to be rebuilt. It was a powerful message about fighting back and a change from the expected cause marketing tone of “dire” to a powerful message of “strength”. After the launch of the campaign online donation revenue increased 695%, transactions rose by 32% and the average donation dollar value increased by 63%. In 2019 SickKids had to take the awareness they had created and transform it into understanding to continue their momentum. This week, SickKids launched the most recent follow up to the VS content by way of a partnership with Air BnB. “An Eye-Opening Stay at SickKids” was posted on Air BnB which details all of the undesirable things about staying at the current facility along with the $2,400 a night price tag.

The brand invited notable personalities (the Raptors Fred Van Vleet, Bachelor in Paradise alums Kevin and Astrid, and Breakfast Television crew being the first) to stay a night in at sick kids and see just how bad it is.

There’s three things I love about this. 1) it’s a clear and purposeful transition from awareness to building an understanding of the problem. A shift from “What?” to “Why?”. 2) The earned media implications of a campaign like this are amazing. It’s hard to create a newsworthy “viral”  idea in a world where marketers are adding those words to all of their briefs. This idea addresses their transparent objective of understanding, by creating a sharable news story that has already generated articles from City News, Daily Hive, Global News, Newswire and others. 3) it’s the partnership that makes it a story. Including Air BnB in this is the main reason that it is newsworthy, the outrageous idea of spending 2,400 to lay in a hospital bed helps to make the point. Don’t forget to donate!


Sheridan’s Pick

Account Coordinator, LIVE

The Global Climate Strike

On September 20th (USA) and September 27th (CA), people everywhere will be walking out of their homes and workplaces to take to the streets and join the Global Climate Strike. Following this uproar from youth activists, many brands across the country announced that they will be closing their doors and putting a halt on their services in solidarity with Greta Thunberg and the Global Climate Strike. There have been over 150 brands that have committed themselves to the climate strike including Lush Cosmetics, Burton and Ben & Jerry’s. The purpose of the strike is to call attention to the climate change crisis and demand the help of everyone.

The climate strike has gone beyond retail and corporate locations by expanding digitally to company websites and social platforms. The Digital Climate Strike allows those online to take part in the strike with a small banner that will expand full screen on 20th/27th, blocking all external uses of the website. There has been overwhelming support of the #climatestrike from many well-known brands, even those that aren’t rooted in climate activism.

By taking part in the climate strike, these brands are demonstrating where their values lie, creating a lasting impression on youth activists worldwide. That said, it is important that brands check themselves internally to ensure their practices and policies align with their environmental advocacy efforts.


Ryan’s Pick

Assistant Coordinator, LIVE

Budweiser Canada’s “Best Job” Campaign

Budweiser introduced a job position of ‘Chief Hockey Officer’, encouraging all Canadian hockey fans to apply for the job. The Chief Hockey Officer has a salary of $50,000 CAD, with role highlights being watching all of your favourite team’s games. That’s it. Get paid to watch hockey and bring three of your buds along with you. Budweiser has promoted this campaign by using ex-NHLer Paul Bissonnette in a short video, as well as posting on all of their social media accounts.

I see this as a brilliant marketing scheme where instead of spending money on an advertisement, they used the money as the advertisement itself. With the power of social media and how this ha already gone viral on the internet, the hope by Budweiser is to get thousands of people talking about their amazing new job position. It looks as if the campaign will do just that. The application process is asking for a video showing them why you are right for the job, and with the many applicants they are sure to receive, they will undoubtedly be able to produce tremendous content out of the campaign. Budweiser is also very smart because now they will have hired a quality content creator to work many games, for a steal of a price.

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