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MKTG's Most Read of 2015

MKTG's Most Read of 2015

In 2015 MKTG continued to publish our industry leading sponsorship insights on our newly created MKTG blog page. Through hundreds of blog posts we ensured you remained current on not only the latest news from the world of sponsorship world but also equipped with the analysis behind each story. MKTG covered everything from notable properties to the future of the sponsorship world. To mark the end of the year, MKTG has compiled our top ten most read pieces of content from 2015. Once again, we would like to thank you for your readership and we look forward to bringing your more insights in 2016. 

1. The Most Marketable Athletes at the 2015 Pan Am Games

One of the largest events to take place in Canada this year was the 2015 Pan Am Games hosted in Toronto. At the conclusion of the games, MKTG broke down the most marketable athletes who emerged from the Games. The list showed some of Canada’s top talent from the Games and also served as a list of athletes to look out for during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

2. Inside the Lab: The Rise of the Toronto Blue Jays

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This year the Toronto Blue Jays made the playoffs for the first time in 22 years and in the process captured the attention of the entire country. On Inside the Lab, MKTG’s official podcast, we discussed the sponsorship implications surrounding the Toronto Blue Jays’ newfound success as well as provided a list of the most marketable Blue Jays.

3. Air Canada Centre's New $10 Million Scoreboard Provides a New Asset to Sponsors

This year the Air Canada Centre unveiled a new $10 million state-of-the-art scoreboard. The new scoreboard can be viewed as a $10 million investment by MLSE in their own property as it now provides sponsors with a better tool to display their in-arena messaging.

4. When Brands Step into the Ring: The Sponsorship of the WWE

The WWE is a property that truly represents the intersection of sports and entertainment, providing fans with a consistent product each night. MKTG examined the WWE’s appeal to corporate sponsors and profiled notable brands that have invested in this space.  

5. Inside the Lab: Sponsorship Implications of the World Cup of Hockey

In 2016, Toronto will play host to the World Cup of Hockey, an event that has not been held since 2004. MKTG discussed all sponsorship implications surrounding the upcoming event and provided a few predictions on the tournament. 

6. How Brands React to Injured Athletes

Athletes are at a constant risk to injury which could subsequently hurt their team. However, it can also hurt a sponsor who is invested heavily in that athlete. Some brands have been able to turn what may typically be a negative situation into a strategic activation by using an injured athlete as a way to tell a new and differentiated story.

7. The Most Marketable Athletes at the Women's World Cup

Over the course of June and July, six Canadian cities played host to some of the best women’s soccer players in the world. MKTG broke down the most marketable athletes participating in the tournament. 

8. What Sponsors Should Know About Doping in Cycling

It has been three years since Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal was brought to life. But the fallout of the news has continued to impact the sport of cycling. People still associate the sport with steroids and cheating. MKTG studied what sponsors should know about doping in cycling and how sponsors responded to notable doping scandals.

9. Festivals Are Music to the Ears of Sponsors

For the past number of years, both the frequency of music festivals and their average attendance has increased. With so many people - and so much time spent - at music festivals, brands have recognized these as promising investment platforms, both for the exposure opportunity they afford and for the strategic benefit they can provide.

10. Assets of the Future

Sponsorship is a constantly evolving form of marketing with professionals always looking for new ways to leverage assets. MKTG sought to provide a line of sight to notable “Assets of the Future” – emerging opportunities for brands, case studies of how current sponsors have leveraged these assets, and key takeaways for each.

The Most Marketable Athletes at the 2016 World Juniors

The Most Marketable Athletes at the 2016 World Juniors

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