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Our Most Read MKTG Insights Blogs of 2014

Our Most Read MKTG Insights Blogs of 2014

Over the past year, MKTG has published hundreds of articles with commentary and analysis on happenings within the sponsorship marketing industry. Our hallmark blog feature, MKTG Insights, published weekly every Friday morning, was our forum to provide a deep dive agency viewpoint on key issues across the sponsorship landscape. From articles on notable Canadian properties and their respective strategies, to trend analysis and proprietary research, to our year-end "Favorite Things" series, MKTG Insights garnered significant attention within the sponsorship ecosystem. For all of your loyal readership and engagement in 2014, we sincerely thank you.

As sponsorship marketers spend the Holiday season preparing for the challenges and opportunities that await them in 2015, we have aggregated a list of our most read MKTG Insights publications of the year. Whether you missed this content when it was originally published, or you are a loyal reader revisiting our greatest hits, we hope the articles on the list below will serve as inspiration to push further, ask tougher questions, and solve more complex problems in the year ahead.

MKTG's Most Read Insights Blogs of 2014:

 1. Which Brands Made the Sochi Olympics Men's Hockey Team? - Published January 2014

Synopsis: The hardest Canadian team to crack in 2014 was the Men's Hockey team that competed in Sochi. We evaluate which sponsors had the greatest representation on Team Canada via the players on their respective endorsement rosters.

2. The Marketability of Richard Sherman - Published January 2014

Synopsis: Richard Sherman exploded onto the National stage during the 2014 Super Bowl run by the Seattle Seahawks that included a polarizing interview with Erin Andrews. After the heated exchange, MKTG analyzed the marketability of Sherman.

3. Canadian Tennis Serving Up A Sponsorship Opportunity - Published June 2014

Synopsis: In a historic year for Canadian tennis, MKTG presented an analysis of the tennis sponsorship landscape including a scorecard of Canada's top ranked players, Milos Raonic and Genie Bouchard.

4. Can Sponsorship of the Virtual World Deliver Real-World Impact? - Published June 2014

Synopsis: MKTG assessed the value of "In-Game Advertising" in sports video games to potential sponsors with a look at best-practices, risks and considerations, and a snapshot of the opportunity that the medium presents to brands.

5. Sponsorship Superheroes - Published September 2014

Synopsis: Sponsorship is about storytelling. Given that some of the greatest storytellers of our time come the world of comic books, there are no shortage of lessons to be gleaned from superheroes, whether it be the importance of having a strategic plan, the bravery to support a cause,or the fundamental understanding of one's true purpose. MKTG examines what sponsors can learn from some of our favourite superheroes.

6. Can a Sponsorship Property's Logo Tell Us About Its Brand Values? - Published June 2014

Synopsis: Colour psychology has long been prominent in marketing and advertising to communicate specific brand attributes or illicit a desired response from consumers. MKTG applied a notable colour wheel model to the logos of prominent Canadian sponsorship properties and assessed the accuracy of the model.

7. What Sponsors Can Learn from Jimmy Fallon and the Late Night Wars - Published April 2014

Synopsis: Similar to the landscape that sponsorship professionals operate in, the Late Night TV landscape is fiercely competitive. Innovation and creativity are necessities in order  to achieve breakthrough. There is no greater example of upending conventional wisdom to drive a competitive advantage on Late Night TV than Jimmy Fallon. What can sponsors learn from the host of the Tonight Show?

8. Sponsorship Opportunity of the NFL in Toronto - Published April 2014

Synopsis: Earlier this year, speculation surrounding the potential sale of the Buffalo Bills placed Toronto once again at the heart of the NFL franchise relocation conversation. MKTG explored the sponsorship implications of an NFL  team in Toronto and provided insights on fan behaviour with respect to relocated / expansion franchises.

9. Consumer Perceptions / Attitudes Towards the Pan-Am Games - Published August 2014

Synopsis: MKTG conducted proprietary research leveraging Google Consumer Surveys to glean insights on the attitudes held by Canadians regarding the upcoming Pan-Am Games. We turned the data into implications for both current and prospective Pan-Am partners.

10. Old is Gold for Some Corporate Sponsors - Published August 2014

Synopsis: When a professional or marquee amateur athlete retires, their accomplishments and credentials – and even their failures – are established. Rather than investing in potential or performance, sponsors are investing in a legacy. MKTG explores the benefits of partnering with an older / retired athlete for corporate sponsors.

MKTG Insights: Relevance, Reach and Region Drive Value for World Junior Sponsors

MKTG Insights: Relevance, Reach and Region Drive Value for World Junior Sponsors

MKTG Insights: Our Favorite Things of 2014 - Rising Endorsers

MKTG Insights: Our Favorite Things of 2014 - Rising Endorsers