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Picks of the Week: January 23, 2017

Picks of the Week: January 23, 2017


MasterCard Brings Happiness to the Australian Open

MasterCard is serving happiness as the official partner of the Australian Open. Playing on the theme of happiness, MasterCard are bringing their campaign to life through digital, onsite, and social activations. MasterCard has created “Tap Tennis”, both a digital and on-site game allowing people to participate in a virtual tennis tournament. On Australia Day, eight Tap Tennis finalists will compete in a championship match in Melbourne on an oversized interactive virtual court. Finalists will win an all-inclusive trip, including spending money from MasterCard. MasterCard has also created a digital happiness meter, which unlocks “Priceless” surprises when people tag their posts on social media with #HappinessServed. MasterCard has taken a virtual tennis opportunity and expanded on it by creating a whole tournament. This inclusive activation can potentially create a sense of community among fans and creates a prominent foundation that MasterCard can build on in future Australian Opens.


Ryan Lochte Looks for a Clean Start in Powerbar’s New Campaign

PowerBar is using Olympian Ryan Lochte for its new campaign focused on clean starts. The campaign looks to promote PowerBar’s new product of “clean” whey protein bars. The spot sees Lochte poking fun at his past mistakes and bizarre choice of hairstyle. Consumers can go online to pledge their clean start to receive a free bar. The core focus is to promote and encourage consumers to focus on their health, by participating in sports and fitness exercises. In the past, PowerBar has associated with marathoners and long-distance. Using an athlete like Lochte who has had his share of negative attention can be a risky move, although having him poke fun at himself can enable him to be more relatable amongst the general public. 


Facebook Becomes Founding Partner of Major Tech Incubator Station F

Facebook has announced a partnership with Station F in Paris, a major tech start-up incubator for emerging companies. Station F is housed in a former train station and will include 3,000 desks, a restaurant, fitness area, and an eventual living space. Every six months, Facebook will work with 10-15 start-ups and offer them support on their business. Facebook engineers will be on-site and host weekly workshops. This will allow Facebook to identify new and emerging technology and remain connected with the start-up world. This could also allow Facebook to maintain close relationships with new companies which could potentially be acquired by the social media giant. The first eight start-ups have already been selected to participate in Station F, and range from a health management company to a carpool app. As major tech companies grow, they begin to venture outside their original products. Station F will no doubt allow Facebook to monitor new and emerging trends to grow their business.

Gatorade & Serena Williams

A Discussion With: #paid's VP, Marketing Richard Wong

A Discussion With: #paid's VP, Marketing Richard Wong