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Property Genre To Watch: Joga

Property Genre To Watch: Joga

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  • JOGA is a new form of Yoga gaining traction within boutique fitness category
  • Brands can target the “hard to reach” fitness oriented millennial
  • JOGA is building presence and association with Tier-1 Sport Teams and Athletes
  • JOGA Coaches act as potential Brand Ambassador candidates for fitness brands

JOGA began in Toronto and was created by Jana Webb to “bridge the gap between the traditional practice of yoga and the biomechanics of sports created specifically for an athlete’s body”. JOGA enhances athletic performance, improves concentration, decreases recovery time and ultimately, transforms an athlete’s game. After many successful years of implementing the JOGA program into the training practice of athletes and international sports teams, the JOGA HOUSE has now opened its first and flagship location in Toronto encouraging athletes from a variety of fitness levels to join in. JOGA has expanded - classes are not solely run in Canada, but in the US as well.

MKTG recognizes JOGA as a new property within the category of boutique fitness for millennials. When looking for the perfect work out, millennials have been opting for on-demand, tailored classes over utilizing and going to traditional gyms. With the recent growth of JOGA happening in North America, it has garnered the attention from media outlets and consumers. MKTG explores three key points on what makes JOGA a property to watch for sponsors.

Brands can target the “hard to reach” fitness oriented millennial

JOGA targets millennial urban athletes from a variety of fitness levels that have disposable income. Brands interested in targeting this demographic now have a hyper-local platform to do so. With the JOGA HOUSE now open in Yorkville (Downtown Toronto), brands already started to invest by partnering with the space and their team.


Brands that are not directly related to fitness can now find a way to reach the millennial demographic. Station Cold Brew and JOGA HOUSE have partnered to sell product in-house. This is an example of how a variety of brands can find a way to align their product to increase brand awareness within fitness category.

joga statiojn brew.PNG

JOGA is building presence and association with Tier-1 Sport Teams and Athletes


JOGA classes are continually being brought to leading sport teams. It is being popularized and validated by mainstream athletes who use JOGA to supplement their intense training. Brands interested in building awareness and presence within this market can partner with JOGA to implement initiatives such as supplying yoga friendly active wear for athletes, product placement and sponsored classes.

JOGA Coaches act as Brand Ambassador Candidates for brands to choose from.


Fitness trends are often a breeding ground for micro-influencers. JOGA HOUSE has a specific Teacher Trainer program in place that creates class and personal coaches. This program has specific fitness requriements and has been attracting fitness micro-influencers to get involved and become JOGA certified (click here to see the power fitness micro-influencers).

@janeybworld  is a JOGA certified fitness micro-influencer.

@janeybworld is a JOGA certified fitness micro-influencer.

The opportuntiy arises as brands can leverage this diverse program to search and align on their next brand ambassador and core their strategy around JOGA coaches.example of a fitness brand that markets their instructors as influencers is SOULCYCLE – check out Ty from Toronto.

JOGA HOUSE is early on in its life cycle which may offer challenges for sponsors

1.    While JOGA is on the rise and gaining popularity from every day and leading athletes, it attracts a relatively niche market with an overall low reach in comparison to mainstream fitness facilities (ex. Goodlife Fitness).

2.    There are a variety of classes available, but to the average consumer they are expensive ($20.00-$30.00 on average for a single one hour session) and appear elitist.

3.    There are limited assets for sponsors that have yet to scale beyond on-site, in class and coach Brand Ambassador branding. JOGA HOUSE has yet to create a larger impact within fitness through the creation of key events for sponsors.

JOGA is exciting and continually expanding. With international classes, JOGA HOUSE flagship location newly opened and recent partnership with a leading fitness brand, makes JOGA a property genre to watch for sponsors.

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