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Picks of the Week: November 27, 2017

Picks of the Week: November 27, 2017


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Apple Music launches Major Lazer documentary.

Apple Music continued their exclusive content strategy with the release of the concert documentary “Give Me Future” centered around the Major Lazer concert that took place a little over a year after President Obama eased the 54 year trade sanction against Cuba. This release appears to be one of many to come as it follows a number of original content releases including the Clive Davis documentary “The Soundtrack of Our Lives”. As the battle for best streaming service wages on, it’s never been more important to differentiate yourself in a sector that essentially offers the same product. Apple much like its main competitor Spotify has taken steps to create a space catered to a specific audience with brand partnerships that reflect their personality. As an original content creator, Apple has now added value to their platform and a key differentiator from its competitors. 



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Co-founders of Vine launch new trivia app

Over the last few weeks, the new live gameshow app HQ Trivia has attracted more than 130, 000 users at one time. The gameshow goes live from the app 12 times weekly: 3pm and 9pm on weekdays and weekends. The live host asks 12 questions individually in which players have 10 seconds to pick their multiple choice answer. Participants who correctly answer all 12 questions split the total money pot (paid out through paypal), one wrong answer and you are eliminated. The game lasts for approximately 15 minutes and shows the count of how many people are tuned in on the top left corner. This viral game was co-founded by the creators of Vine following the sale of the 6-second video app to Snapchat.

Although there are no current sponsors, co-founder Rus Yusupov has stated that they are “getting a ton of interest from brands and agencies who want to collaborate and do something fun”. This game holds unlimited potential for brands to be involved as sponsors through a variety of strategies. Options include products as prizes instead of money, product placement, sponsored questions and celebrity guests. HQ Trivia is growing in popularity and therefore brands will need to act quickly to seek out the opportunity.

An Emmy Award-winning animator and visual artist for his mixed-media assemblage, Mac Premo, stars in WeTransfer’s newest ad “The Bunt Machine”.  In it, we follow Premo in the creative process of how an idea comes to life, alternates direction and meets different collaborators for its execution; from creating a bunt machine for his baseball- loving daughter, to the production of a film and finally a one-man play. What makes the whole ad even better is that it is actually based on one of Premo’s latest projects and all the processes and people that were involved in it.

This ad shows the way this file transfer service works by making a creative do it for them. Creativity like WeTransfer, evolves as we pursue it and sometimes what’s presumed to be an endpoint leads to other related or unrelated projects; that’s what’s beautiful about this spot and its message, amongst all the complicated and dynamic turn-point ideas that are presented, WeTransfer stands out as the simple and smooth solution that does the transferring and connects the puzzle pieces. It reflects the purpose and the function of the service while reaching the targeted artistic demographic that keeps choosing the brand as the transfer site of choice.


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WeTransfer’s newest ad tells the story of an idea’s evolution

Apple launches new holiday spot

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