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Picks of the Week: November 20, 2017

Picks of the Week: November 20, 2017


Account Coordinator, Consulting

Uber thinks outside the box in its new ad about car-congested areas

Uber has rolled out a new advertisement addressing high traffic areas in Asia in effort to grow awareness of their ridesharing services in Asia. The ad dramatizes the growing issue of traffic, showing the headaches of drivers in a humorous tone. The spot is based around research that Uber commissioned that said up to 60% of cars travel with just one person in them during peak hours, and drivers in nine of Asia’s biggest cities are stuck in traffic jams for 52 minutes every day. Uber has latched on to these facts with their commercial and website www.unlockingcities.com proposing Uber to be the solution. The website targets Asia consumers, providing facts from the research on the growing problem of congestion and traffic. With this campaign Uber hopes to gain mass exposure and awareness in Asia and compete for market share against GRAB which is considered one of the most popular ride-sharing services in Asia.


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Samsung Galaxy’s Growing Up campaign challenges iphone users

The new Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up commercial challenges current iPhone users to consider switching the new Samsung Galaxy. The video pulls on milestone moments where the Galaxy phone seemingly surpassed the matching generational iPhone: an increase in storage, a larger display and the phone finally becoming waterproof. What makes this a YouTube #2 trending commercial is how the story was curated, the timing before the new iPhone launch, and the delicate balance between competing against an iconic brand and promoting a new product.


Although Samsung was successful in challenging iPhone users to consider an alternative option, campaigns similar to this aren’t always successful and usually have more negative ramifications than positive exposure. Timing and awareness of a competitor’s product is essential to understanding a competitive advantage and when to communicate that to the end consumer.

Porsche Surprises Coffee Drinkers

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