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Picks of the Week: December 4, 2017

Picks of the Week: December 4, 2017

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NBA Star Dwyane Wade Debuts in His Own Facebook Reality Show

Dwyane Wade is stepping into the Facebook space online, starring in a new docu-series on Facebook’s Watch platform to show the Cleveland Cavalier star’s life offline. The series titled, ‘BackCourt: Wade’ premiered on November 20th and has garnered over 600 shares and 540,000 views on Facebook. In contrast to other NBA Players Facebook Reality Shows, these viewership numbers pale in comparison to LA Lakers Lonzo Ball’s - “Ball in the Family” that received over 141,000 shares and 26 million views on Facebook in the season debut. The five-part series features the three-time NBA champ’s on-the-go lifestyle, hobbies, and provides an inside look at his business ventures with his Way of Wade brand and Wade Wine labels. For Wade, this isn’t his primary foray into content production as he will be co-producing a sports documentary series: “Magnify” with teammate LeBron James and rapper Chance The Rapper. For Facebook, the show represents the social giant’s latest attempt to push users toward Watch to consume long-form video and capture lucrative TV ad dollars. In this scenario, Facebook is leveraging the star power of Dwyane Wade in hopes of drawing in a larger crowd.



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Jigsaw promo shows that VR can evoke positive as well as negative emotions

When the new Jigsaw movie was released in October 2017, Lions Gate and Unity Technologies wanted to test how viewing the movie trailer in Virtual Reality affects viewers emotionally. They launched the trailer on two VR apps and had Isobar’s Mindsight Technology service run a study, placing sensors on people in a lab to see how they reacted to the VR experience compared to when they saw the mobile trailer. The VR experience showed a 24% increase in heartrate, 44% peak in sweating, and a three times increase in smiling during the VR experience.

The results of the research demonstrate that VR not only evokes positive emotions, it can also trigger negative emotions that lead to an increase in heart rate, sweating etc. This insight is relevant to consider in a time where virtual reality is being adopted across several industries, especially by the sports industry. Leagues such as the NBA are making progress in adopting VR, because the 360° experience is meant to lead to positive experiences. But what if a virtual reality experience one day leads a consumer to cry, scream or even have a heart attack?

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An On-the-Road Update from Our Rogers Hometown Hockey #Humans

An On-the-Road Update from Our Rogers Hometown Hockey #Humans