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Picks of the Week: December 18, 2017

Picks of the Week: December 18, 2017


Account Coordinator, Consulting

Russian Airline S7 Release New Spot Urging People to Explore the World

S7 Airlines has released a new spot addressing society’s obsession and addiction to digital. The 90 second online ad has been released for two months and has already amassed over 10 million views on YouTube. Accompanying the advertisement are print ads that will carry the same theme and messaging. Additionally, S7 has launched a web app where people can upload photos of destinations they want to visit which will then create a visual ticket to their chosen place. For people sharing online they have the chance to receive a discount code on purchasing tickets.  S7’s campaign exposes society’s growing obsession with social media and living life online- challenging people to go offline and explore the world. This advert uniquely targets millennials and their value of authentic experiences. Overall, S7 captures the contrast of offline vs. online effectively, with an appropriate call-to-action that drives their sales funnel.


Manager, Activation & Events

Taste of Home Unveils 4th Annual Gingerbread Boulevard in NYC

A sensory overload experience is happening in NYC at the 4th Annual Gingerbread Boulevard. In past years, New York city-goers would experience several smaller gingerbread houses around Madison Square Park. In 2017, Taste of Home, in partnership with Folgers and Domino Sugar, enhanced the experience with a 12- by 16-foot gingerbread house along with a 4-D immersive storytelling experience.


Once inside the frosted roof and candy adornments (unfortunately not real – we wish!), guests are welcomed by sweet gingerbread smells and a chill of a snowstorm. The story is told through Taste of Home's gingerbread man and is supported by animation on 360-degree LED screens, transporting the expected outside scenery into a candy version - the Madison Square Christmas tree becomes a candy tree and the Flatiron Building turns to gingerbread.


The gingerbread house is a tasteful way to explore not only creative visuals but how experiences can be enhanced with other senses such as smell. Many recent activations focused on the latest technology but forget that other senses are a great way to add to an experience, contingent on the senses matching the theme. The smell of gingerbread was an obvious match for the gingerbread house. The 4th Annual Gingerbread Boulevard is also a great reminder that although an experience can be popular, the evolution of an experience keeps guests coming back every year. Organizers are expecting to increase from the 325,000 visitors from last year, along with millions of users via social media. We’re interested to see if this is the case and look forward to seeing what the experience will be next year.

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