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Picks of the Week: February 13, 2017

Picks of the Week: February 13, 2017


Mastercard Focuses on Thanking Fans at this Year’s Grammy Awards

To celebrate music’s biggest night, Mastercard launched an experiential record store and broadcast interactive experience at this year’s Grammy Awards. The Masterpass #ThanksTheFans House at Gibson Brand store on Sunset Boulevard opened on February 9th and ran until the 11th. The record store focused on bringing people together to experience a variety of music activations. Music lovers could take a shot at mixing tracks on turntables, playing the newest Gibson Guitars, listen to the latest releases in the listening station, or take their shot at creating the next big hit in the recording booth. Exclusive Vinyl records are available to purchase, available at a special price for Masterpass holders, with all proceeds going to the MusiCares Foundation. For those that can’t make it to the store, Masterpass will unlock special offers the night of the Grammy’s every time a winner thanks the fans in their acceptance speech. Offers include, concert tickets, designer fashions and even a trip to next year’s Grammy Awards. By providing an engagement piece that extends past the on-site experience, Mastercard is able to expand the reach of their promotion to the entire country. The promotion also encourages new signups for Masterpass showing the ease of use, aiming to bring in new adopters to the service.


Gillette Further Invests in the eSports Market with Global Partnership of ESL

Gillette has partnered with eSport company ESL, the world’s largest eSports company, and will activate at the Intel Extreme Master World Championship in Poland later this month. eSport athlete Enrique “xPeke” Cedeno will join Gillette’s roster of endorser joining other athletes such as FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, NFL players Clay Matthews, Victor Cruz and Danny Amendola and Roger Federer. At the World Championships, fans will be able to customize their own personal razor handles with 3D printers. Gillette will also offer grooming services to competitors and host autograph sessions. Although this represents a big step towards the gaming market, this is not the Gillette’s first partnership with an eSports company. In June, 2016 Gillette announced a new agreement with Gfinity to create a football based eSport competition title “The Gillette Championship”. The championship offered gamers an online and offline gaming experience through Pro-Evolution Soccer 2016, a tournament that offered a $25,000 prize pot. The eSport market continues to attract sponsors as they are reaching beyond endemic brands and non-endemics such as Gillette are looking to tap into this growing market.


Tom Brady Stars in Shields MRI Commercial Immediately Following Super Bowl

Immediately following the New England Patriots comeback victory in last week’s Super Bowl, a very timely ad was run in the New England region. The ad, for Shields Health Care, featured Tom Brady getting ready to receive an MRI and taking off his Super Bowl rings – of which he places five in a locker. When the ad was shot in September, Brady and the Patriots had only four Super Bowl rings. Shields was able to capitalize on the moment of euphoria that Patriots fans felt immediately following the victory, by being present in the moment of fans’ excitement. Additionally, this is an example of the risk that a brand is willing to take by shooting a presumptuous commercial that could only be aired if Brady did in fact win. With the ad also being shown in the New England area, Shields is able to connect with the most passionate of fans, and reach a highly engaged market.

Mountain Dew & Sean Malto

Super Bowl – For More Than Just Sponsors Part III

Super Bowl – For More Than Just Sponsors Part III