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Picks of the Week: February 21, 2017

Picks of the Week: February 21, 2017


Purina Begins its 10 Year Sponsorship of the Westminster Dog Show

This week marked the 141st Westminster Dog Show, with German Shepard Rumor winning the coveted Best in Show. Late January, pet food brand Purina and the Westminster Dog Show announced a 10 year deal, making the Purina Pro Plan the exclusive pet food sponsor of the show. Pro Plan is Purina’s premium dog food, promoting its ability to help your dog reach its potential. The last ten Westminster Best in Show winners were all “fueled” by Purina Pro Plan. As part of their sponsorship, Purina created the $1 million bracket challenge. Fans could fill out a Westminster Dog Show bracket much like the NCAA’s March Madness, with the winner of the challenge taking home $1 million. This was the first year Fox Sports broadcasted the event and had Andy promote the challenge by filling out a bracket himself, sharing his picks with People Magazine. With any competition that is 141 years old, there is always a need to innovate, and the bracket challenge provides one opportunity for the completion to do so while also providing a new sponsorable asset for the dog show. 


The NFL Pro Bowl and Ad Council Bring a Shift to the Kiss Cam

The NFL Pro Bowl partnered with the Ad Council to film the new 2017 Love Has No Labels campaign. The public service announcement puts a spin on the kiss cam, something that has been a part of sporting culture for years. In the commercial, the kiss cam moves around the Orlando stadium and captures loving moments with men and women of all ethnicities, sexual orientation, and abilities. This partnership is significant because it shows support from the NFL, an organization that has been riddled with controversy in the past. The PSA will air on TV with no branding despite the campaign being supported by various companies such as Coca-Coal, Pepsico, P&G, Johnson and Johnson, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Google – to name a few. The level of support from each organization is not public however, branding is visible on the campaign website under the supporters headline. In addition to breaking stereotypes, the spot drives viewers to the website which features educational tools to help people identify personal bias as well was conversation starters to help influence positive change. The uplifting message of the campaign will help shift the messaging of the kiss cam and help spur positive action. 


GE Commits to Hiring 20,000 Women by 2020

GE has released a new spot, featuring Millie Dresselhaus, the first woman to win the National Medal of Science in Engineering. The 60-second spot is part of GE’s commitment to employ 20,000 women in STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) roles by 2020. GE is also aiming to achieve gender equality in its entry-level training program focused on recent college graduates, making a recruitment push at colleges and universities with higher proportions of women in relevant majors. In an effort inspire girls to consider a career in the sciences and help GE meet its 2020 deadline, the spot depicts 86-year-old Dresselhaus in a world where female scientists receive Kardashian-like fame. According to GE’s research, women make up just 13 to 24 percent of IT and engineering programs globally, and just 17 to 30 percent join senior leadership positions. Women also receive about half of all bachelor’s degrees in science and engineering, but are still underrepresented within certain majors. Following Audi’s recent Super Bowl ad, GE’s spot marks the second national commercial in recent weeks to endorse equality in the workplace.

Red Bull & Kris Bryant

Roundtable Discussion: Double-Take Sponsorships

Roundtable Discussion: Double-Take Sponsorships