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Picks of the Week: April 10, 2017

Picks of the Week: April 10, 2017


WestJet Delivers Convincing April Fool’s Day Prank

One day ahead of April Fool’s Day, Canadian airline WestJet announced a major rebranding effort from WestJet to Canada Air – a fun jab at competitor Air Canada.  The campaign was highlighted by a convincing video featuring WestJet Vice-President of Marketing and Communications, Richard Bartrem.  In the video, Bartrem outlines the company’s rebrand effort while playing hockey, snowshoeing, eating poutine, and standing in front of a fully rebranded aircraft.  What wasn’t a joke was the campaign’s call to action, driving customers to the airline’s Most Canadian Sale ever - including packages and sales to select destinations in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. The campaign follows a long history of April Fool’s Day pranks from WestJet.  Last year, the airline announced and unveiled a Robotic Automated Light Food Handler, and prior that, announced Smart Seats.  Over the last few years, April Fool’s Day has grown from household pranks to a marketers dream, with multiple Tier-1 brands stepping in the ring to launch creative, humorous campaigns on small budgets. If only April Fool’s Day came more than once a year…


Coca-Cola Becomes Official Soft Drink of the MLB

Last week, Major League Baseball announced that it is parting ways with long-time league sponsor Pepsi in favour of industry rival Coca-Cola, making Coke the official soft drink of Major League Baseball.  While Coca-Cola has long held majority of sponsorship deals at the team level, the beverage giant will now be able to activate its partnership nationally, and take its 18 existing club deals to a new level.  According to MLB, the partnership with Coke will be focused on connecting with fans through digital, mobile and social, with tie-ins through MLB Advanced Media’s owned and operated digital platforms. Fans that use the Ballpark app at the 18 stadiums where Coke has pouring rights will now have access to stadium check-in deals, ticket upgrades, and concession promotions. The announcement comes in the same week that Pepsi received critical backlash for its short-lived ad featuring Kendall Jenner. The good news for Pepsi is that the deal between MLB and Coke won’t affect its existing partnerships with 11 of the MLB’s clubs, and still holds soft-drink sponsorships at the league level with the NHL, NBA and NFL.


Burger King Looks to Surprise Gamers in new Campaign with Playstation

This week, Burger King announced it will offer consumers in Spain an intriguing way to order their food. Burger King will have what they call the “Burger Clan” infiltrate popular online PlayStation 4 games where they will assist gamers on their mission, and offer them Burger King home delivery.  The unique ordering method provides Burger King with significant publicity and follows in the footsteps of other popular food brands offering unique ways to order. Last month, Pizza Hut introduced Pie Top Sneakers which allowed wearers to order pizza by simply pressing the shoes tongue. Burger King’s new “Burger Clan” initiative also provides the company an opportunity to position themselves in the gaming world, which has been rapidly expanding growth with the success of eSports. The surprise factor will also likely lend itself to social sharing on behalf of the person receiving the order. Burger Clan will be introduced to the country on April 28th with Burger King confirming plans to bring the initiative to other key markets in the future.

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