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Picks of the Week: May 29, 2017

Picks of the Week: May 29, 2017


Uber Brings Public Transit to Innisfil, Ontario

Innisfil, Ontario is driving away with a solution to public transit. The town of 36,000, entered a partnership with Uber Canada early last week marking the first time a Canadian municipality has enlisted Uber to fill a public transit void. With the town being dispersed over 270 square kilometers, a traditional public transit system with fixed routes would restrict service to 80% of the population and the cost would exceed $1 million. Instead, the town has set aside $100,000 which will be used to subsidize the cost of Uber rides booked through the company’s app. With $5 rides to Go Transit stops, local employment hubs, and car pool lots, Uber Canada is on track to achieving their promotional goals of ensuring people can leave their personal car at home. With a rural municipality that’s been seeking a transit solution for years, and Uber Canada attempting to promote the broader use of their public transit resources, this partnership looks to be the answer for both parties.


Sweden Lists Itself on Airbnb

The Country of Sweden (yes the entire country) has listed itself on Airbnb. In Sweden, there’s a law called “allemansrätten”. It’s a concept of “freedom to roam”, which allows anyone in the country the right to access any land (the only exceptions being private residences and gardens and lands under cultivation). To promote this to the world, the Swedish Tourism Board partnered with Airbnb to list the entire country on the website. The listings highlight forests, cliffs, and ocean hikes. When you visit the listings, you are directed to the Sweden Tourism website to find out more about “freedom to roam.” This campaign comes after last year’s “Swedish Number” campaign which allowed anyone in the world to dial in and be connected to a random Swede to chat about the country. The two recent campaigns show that Sweden is taking some unique approaches in its marketing to attract attention to their country. With Airbnb being one of the top vacation booking platforms, the traffic to the website will provide plenty of exposure.


Wonder Woman Under Fire for Partnership With thinkThin

One of the most anticipated summer movies, Wonder Woman, is facing backlash over a recent brand partnership. Wonder Woman has become the new face of thinkThin diet protein bars. The issue some have with the partnership is the idea that since Wonder Woman is a female character, she’s automatically being funneled into societal ideals that tell women being thin is the best. The argument continues saying that a powerful woman lead should not be promoting the dangerous idea that thin is synonymous with healthy. This, coupled with the fact that Wonder Woman has a long history of dealing with unrealistic body standards, provides a negative connotation with the partnership. After all, the last thing young girls need is to walk into grocery stores and see messaging that insinuates that their bodies aren’t good enough. thinkThin’s president Michele Kessler stands by the partnership, saying that the protein bars are designed to give people the “power” to get through their day and Wonder Woman is an ideal figure to create that connect and deliver the brand’s product message. Despite the rationale, the public did not take kindly to the new partnership.


Nabisco Brings the BBQ to Lady Antebellum’s World Tour

This summer, snacking giant Nabisco is teaming up with the Grammy Award-winning group Lady Antebellum to take some of their most iconic snacks on the road as the band embarks on their world tour. This move is part of Nabisco’s broader “Remix your BBQ” integrated campaign that will encourage customers to reinvent their BBQ experience by integrating their various products into traditional backyard dishes. A Nabisco food truck will be present at select US tour stops, sampling recipes inspired by their products. The brand is also launching a contest that will provide the winner with a VIP trip for four to see Lady Antebellum live in Nashville, TN. This deal will provide sponsorship dollars for the band and their tour while generating huge exposure for Nabisco’s products. Their strategy of remixing your BBQ provides a fresh take on their existing line of snacks without the risk of developing new ones. Nabisco will also be utilizing retail opportunities to further align with the Lady Antebellum brand which will likely entice fans and followers to participate in the campaign and purchase products. Their “Remix Your BBQ” Pinterest board will drive social engagement, providing a BBQ planning hub with new recipes and a Lady Antebellum playlist. Nabisco has provided a good opportunity to help change consumers perceptions for their product and help promote their snack as a BBQ essential headed into the summer.

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