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Picks of the Week: May 8, 2017

Picks of the Week: May 8, 2017


Sonos and the Gorillaz Create the Sonos House

At the end of April, the animated band, The Gorillaz, released their first album in 7 years. To promote the new album, the band teamed up with audio brand Sonos to create the Spirit House, where fans could enter the surreal world of the band’s new album, Humanz. The Spirit House was comprised of two rooms, one being a lounge area made to look like the house in the Gorillaz' new music video, and a projection room playing visuals from their new album. Both rooms were outfitted with Sonos’ new Playbase Speakers. Guests exited the Spirit House through a Sonos showcase room where fans could learn more about the equipment. The Spirit House has appeared in Brooklyn and Berlin, and made its final appearance in Amsterdam on May 6th. As musicians can no longer rely on album sales, they must look to alternate revenue streams, and partnership activations like the Spirit House provide compelling opportunities for both the musicians and prospective sponsors.


Roots Leverages Canada 150 to Raise $150,000 for Indigenous Youth

Over the years, being “nice” is something Canadians have become synonymous with. Roots have leveraged this association as part of their newest initiative to raise $150,000 for the Indigenous Youth Empowerment Program organized by WE. As part of the campaign, Roots have created “nice” branded buttons and pins, with 100% of proceeds going towards the Youth Empowerment Program, providing the tools for Indigenous youth to be leaders of their community. The campaign coincides with Canada’s 150 (run by the government of Canada), celebrating the 150 years since confederation. The purpose of WE’s Indigenous program is to highlight the problems facing the Indigenous. The campaign gives Roots a platform to celebrate the achievements and persona of Canadians, while highlighting conflicting issues by taking a stance on how to positively change areas of needed improvement.


Cirque du Soleil and the NFL Offer Glimpse of their Upcoming Times Square Experience

In 2016, it was announced that Cirque du Soleil, the NFL, and the NFLPA would partner to bring fans a unique and interactive football experience in the heart of New York City in Times Square. The NFL recently released plans for the 40,000 square feet, four-story NFL Experience which will be opening in November of this year. The NFL and Cirque will equip the attraction with both virtual and augmented reality technology. Looking to bring fans a whole new perspective on the game, fans will be able to sit in the coach’s room to learn strategy, experience an NFL huddle first hand, and participate in a QB challenge. Tickets to the new NFL Experience will be available for $39.99 and look to have as many as 25,000 guests pass through each week. Both the NFL and Cirque are leading brands in entertainment, and their partnership will likely provide NFL fans with a one of a kind experience.

Red Bull & Neymar

Where the XFL Went Wrong (and Right)

Where the XFL Went Wrong (and Right)