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Picks of the Week: June 19, 2017

Picks of the Week: June 19, 2017


UK Grocer Aldi Recruits the Brownlee Brothers

Aldi, one of the largest UK discount grocers has partnered with the Brownlee Brothers. The brothers are both triathletes who recently finished first and second at the 2016 RIO Olympics. The two are featured in an Aldi campaign called “The Competitive Brownlees” where they compete to find the lowest price. The partnership is beneficial for both sides as Aldi is able to promote their competitive low prices while associating with two successful athletes. Aldi also sponsored the recent Leeds World Series Triathlon, where Alistair and Jonny once again finished first and second. The campaign showcases endorsers from a sport that doesn’t usually produce many notable athletes. In addition, the partnership comes in a non-Olympic year which would affect their exposure. The campaign has great potential to reach a wide audience in the UK, as the Brownlee brothers are two of the most recognized summer athletes in Great Britain and through their witty sense of humour, the campaign is very effective in promoting Aldi’s discount nature.


Delta Hooks Up With Tinder to Produce a Mural of Destination Backdrops

Delta Air Lines and Tinder have “matched” and created a new disruptive partnership that targets millennials. Delta and Tinder printed iconic destinations from around the world on a bridge in Brooklyn encouraging people to take pictures in front of the prints. This activation looks to capitalize on the prominence of travel pictures used on Tinder. Some of the destinations displayed include Honolulu, Paris, Los Angeles, Pisa, London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Zurich. These varied destinations also highlight destinations in which Delta travels to directly from New York. In addition to the mural, Delta and Tinder will also hold a singles event on June 17th where people can get professional shots taken with the mural as a backdrop. Technology has revolutionized out-of-home advertising with an increased emphasis on digital integration and engagement. Tinder has a high concentration of millennials, with a nearly 80% audience – a consumer group that has been shown to spend a lot on travel. With this partnership, and demonstrating the various destinations Delta flies, Delta may connect with an audience it normally doesn’t reach.


RaceTrac and the Atlanta Braves Create a Viral Success with their Recent Promotion

The Atlanta Braves and sponsor RaceTrac (a local convenience store), has struck it big with a recent in-game promotion titled Beat the Freeze. In the promotion, a fan is selected from the crowd to race against “The Freeze”, a member of the Braves grounds crew and former university track star. The fan is given a significant head start and it is The Freeze’s job to complete the comeback. The Freeze is dressed in a full body suit and is promoting RaceTrac’s newest frozen drink, the Numbskull. Friday’s promotion was the sixth time this season the promotion was run but was the first one to go viral. In the promotion, the Freeze ended up completing the comeback at the end and when overtaking the fan, the fan ended up face planting. Apex Marketing Group has said that the social media value of the video has been worth over $220,000 to the brand. There is a total of 26 races scheduled to occur over the course of the season which could attract more attention due to the most recent race. The promotion demonstrates that sometimes a simple idea can produce a memorable in-game promotion which can end up reaching people beyond those in the facility.

Food Festivals Offer a Buffet of Benefits to Sponsors

Food Festivals Offer a Buffet of Benefits to Sponsors

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