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Picks of the Week: June 5, 2017

Picks of the Week: June 5, 2017


Coca-Cola Unveils Detachable Bottle Labels That Work as Wristbands for Music Festivals

Coca-Cola has made a concerted effort to reach out to young people in Romania as they discovered that only 40% of Romanian teens had purchased a Coca-Cola in the past month. To do so, Coca-Cola launched ‘The Festival Bottle’ in partnership with multiple music festivals in the country. Consumers can peel off wristbands attached to the Festival Bottle which is then scanned by a special app giving consumers a chance to win entry to participating music festival. The campaign has already reached 75% of Romanian teens and resulted in a sales bump of 11%. This unique collaboration with Romanian music festivals creatively targets the younger demographic. Coca-Cola has capitalized on their previous label success of ‘Share a Coke’ by creating a trendy, pop culture sensation. This innovation allows Coca-Cola to build a deeper relationship between the brand and the consumer by enhancing the customer experience. The new concept embodies strategic elements that are both beneficial to Coca-Cola from an awareness standpoint and their target audience.


Nex Group Partners with Drone Racing Team

It was recently announced that NEX Group will be the official sponsor of the global drone racing team XBlades. Following the announcement, the team rebranded as NEXXBlades as part of a two-year title sponsorship deal. Drone racing has become increasingly popular over the last few years since its launch in 2014 with prize money to some tournaments reaching as high as $1 million. The NEXXBlades team competes around the world in cities such as Paris, New York, London, and Shanghai. The upcoming championship in Paris is expected to draw around 150,000 people. Drone pilots wear headsets that provide a first person view from the drone, while the same visuals are projected on screens for audience viewing. Both Nex Group and NEXXBlades have expressed the alignment of values in the partnership citing speed, agility, innovation and continuous improvement as common characteristics. NEX Group is not the first company to step into drone racing sponsorships. Pepsi has partnered to launch a racing series while Sky Sports has been airing the Drone Racing League since last year. This partnership is attention-grabbing as there is a large opportunity for expansion within this new sport. NEX is taking a chance on this sponsorship seeing the momentum it has gained within two years and anticipating the same going forward.


Los Angeles Clippers Partners with Second Spectrum to Create a Unique Broadcast Experience

The Los Angeles Clippers and tech company Second Spectrum have teamed up to change the way basketball is broadcasted. Second Spectrum and the Clippers look to provide real-time stats and other augmented reality features on-screen during live Clippers Games. At the recent Code Conference, Clippers owner and Second Spectrum investor, Steve Ballmer, showed off a preview of the new technology. Ballmer and Second Spectrum aim to have the broadcast tailored to the individual viewer, meaning if a fan is interested in certain stats or other features, those are what would be shown on-screen. Second Spectrum already has an existing partnership with the NBA and have appeared on the NBA’s social media feed during the playoffs creating data-driven videos highlighting different players. The technology is to be tested next season with a full launch for the 2018-2019 season. The new initiative of Second Spectrum and the Clippers positions the team as innovative and could attract sponsors looking to take advantage of new technology.

A Conversation With: Jennifer Shah, Director of Sponsorships at Hot Docs

A Conversation With: Jennifer Shah, Director of Sponsorships at Hot Docs

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