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Sponsorship Picks of the Week: July 4, 2017

Sponsorship Picks of the Week: July 4, 2017


Intel and the IOC partner up to revolutionize content of the Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has named Intel a worldwide partner through 2024. This 7-year partnership allows Intel to revolutionize future content of the Olympic Games and incorporate its technology into the games. Intel plans on using its virtual reality, 360 degree-content platforms, artificial intelligence, and drones in future Olympic Games. Intel is known for its investment in sports, through existing partnerships with the NBA, NFL, ICC and now the IOC. With this partnership, we’ll see the first glimpse of Intel’s digitized content at the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang 2018 in South Korea, where Intel intends on providing the first real-time virtual reality viewing of the Olympic Games. With the IOC’s focus on continually improving Olympic content delivery; this collaboration will help enhance the viewer’s experience across multiple digital channels. Intel will now have the opportunity to deliver the Olympic experience to fans in the comfort of their homes capturing new angles and perspectives of the games. This will also allow Intel and IOC to connect with a segment of the population that is increasingly digitally connected and traditionally harder to reach.


Gatorade Releases New Spot Highlighting Failure

Gatorade has released a new advertisement that focuses on failure titled, “The Secret to Victory”. Partnering with a handful of high-profile athletes, Gatorade highlights the defeats these athletes faced and how they have used these experiences to #fuelfromwithin and achieve success. Some of the athletes featured include Peyton Manning, Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, and Matt Ryan who all speak about their failures in their career. The campaign also experienced an unpredictable series of events when Chicago Cub Kyle Schwarber was sent down to the minor leagues this past week. In the spot, Schwarber says “spend 108 years as a loveable loser”. This is an example of how brands are always taking a chance when putting faith in individuals. In this scenario, the adversity Schwarber is facing directly supports the messaging of the campaign as he has been quoted this week saying, “I’m not going to back down at all - trust me.” Gatorade has extended this campaign from a simple advertisement into a branded podcast. Hosted by Dominique Foxworth, each podcast episode will be a discussion with an athlete featured in the ad spot on the defeat they have faced and how they are using or have used the failure to fuel their success. Gatorade can extend the reach of their campaign with the new content series and will be able to expand on their messaging.


Spartan Race Announces New Gatorz Eyewear Sponsorship

Gatorz, an aluminum eyewear company worn by extreme athletes and the U.S armed forces, has teamed up with Spartan, the world’s largest obstacle race. Gatorz will be present at the 2017 edition of the Spartan Race taking place on September 30th through October 1st in California. The event attracts athletes from all over the world and will be broadcast on NBC. Gatorz will receive several on-site activation opportunities at the 2017 World Championships, such as a retail area, co-branded exposure throughout the race course, and all on-site staff and participants will be equipped with Gatorz sunglasses. Spartan believes the partnership is a perfect fit as they feel the two brands share similar values. This partnership could be beneficial to both sides, as Gatorz is able to further establish their brand of endurance, performance, and intensity, while the Spartan race also increases their image of grit and intensity. Because the championship is being broadcasted nationally on NBC, Gatorz has a great opportunity to promote their brand to viewers in addition to those attending the event.

Pepsi & Kyrie Irving

Roundtable Discussion: In-Game Promotions

Roundtable Discussion: In-Game Promotions