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Sponsorship Picks of the Week: July 10, 2017

Sponsorship Picks of the Week: July 10, 2017


Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants partners with Greenpeace

At the depths of Bikini Bottom lies the world’s newest environmental activist. Environmental campaign group Greenpeace enlisted the services of Nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants to raise awareness of the potential risks associated with permitting oil giants BP and Total to begin exploratory drilling in the Amazon Mouth Basin. Spongebob will appear in upcoming promotional materials and has already appeared in a video raising awareness about the drilling. Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organization, which uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems and to force the desired solutions essential to a green and peaceful future. Utilizing the renowned children’s cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants was a brilliant tactic for Greenpeace. The #1 viewed Nickelodeon cartoon will reach the homes of 948,000 children, emphasising their beloved character, Spongebob, taking a stance against BP and Total’s oil drilling project. Targeting a young demographic illustrates the effects the environment has on the future of these children, perhaps resulting in a more moral approach to the sustainability of the Amazon Reef. For Nickelodeon, they have now positioned themselves as an environmental supporter through this partnership, aligning with their objectives to extend their positive brand image.


Indianapolis Motor Speedway secures a new sponsor

Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) has partnered with the country music giants, Big Machine Label Group in a deal that will make the label the new entitlement sponsor for the upcoming Brickyard 400. The July 23rd race will be dubbed the Brantley Gilbert Big Machine Brickyard 400 and will feature a pre-race performance by the aforementioned country music star who is signed to the label's imprint, Valory Music Co. In addition to Brantley Gilbert, Big Machine’s artist roster includes other notable superstars such as Taylor Swift, Florida Georgia Line, and Rascal Flatts to name a few. This move allows Big Machine Label an opportunity to connect directly to their audience with one of their top performing artist while sparking fan interest in their other artists. It also humanizes their brand, showing race fans that they are one and the same in their support for racing and the spectacle surrounding it. As for IMS, they now have a catered offering for their fans in the way of pre-race entertainment and have potential to utilize some of the other household names that live on the label’s roster. The motor speedway also seems to be trying to reach a newer demographic of race fan with their 2-night concert dubbed 400 Fest featuring EDM chart toppers Major Lazer and The Chainsmokers.  


Klay Thompson extends shoe deal with Chinese brand Anta

Klay Thompson recently announced a 10-year extension to his 2014 deal with Chinese athletics brand, Anta, a deal which could reach $80M. This deal propels Thompson to one of the highest paid sneaker endorsers in the NBA. As part of the deal, Anta will arrange tours across the US and China for Thompson, one of which recently concluded in China where he is immensely popular. This deal could grant Thompson more creative freedom, because Anta is a relatively unknown brand in the North America, and the Chinese sneaker market is far less saturated.

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