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Picks of the Week: July 17, 2017

Picks of the Week: July 17, 2017


Spotify collaborates with music influencers to launch “I’m With the Banned” campaign

Music streaming service Spotify has recently launched its “I’m With the Banned” campaign. In response to the recent travel ban, Spotify went political by highlighting artists from effected countries such as Syria, Libya, and Iran. The project focuses on musicians personal experiences living in countries tormented by war, violence, and moving away from their homes in short 5-minute video segments on YouTube. Additionally, the campaign focuses on a variety of issues including immigration and LGBT equality through music collaborations with notable international artists such as Pusha T, Desiigner, which are available on Spotify. Increasingly, we’re seeing brands leverage their voice and platform to address social issues and raise awareness for causes. An example of this was Airbnb’s response to the ban when they launched their ‘We Accept’ campaign. Airbnb provided free and subsidized temporary housing for people who had been affected by the immigration restrictions. With Spotify now going political, this presents the risk of alienating a segment of their customers. The initiative received some negative backlash on Twitter for its failure to provide a tangible service for refugees. However, the ‘I’m With the Banned’ campaign may prove to be a brand boost for Spotify in the long run, since they’re advocating equality and providing a service for these disadvantaged artists.


United Airlines advertises in real time on New York City taxis

United Airlines has recently announced an advertising campaign affiliated with New York City Taxis.  The campaign sees real-time digital taxi toppers promoting the airline, which informs passersby the time it will take to get to JFK or Newark airport from the location of the cab, with it almost always being shorter to get to Newark. United is using the campaign to show that Newark is often the quicker option compared to JFK, an airport United no longer flies to after discontinuing their service in 2015. United has had recent negative press with overbooked flights and they finished last in the 2017 American Customer Satisfaction.  The campaign could backfire for United, as they cannot guarantee that travel time to Newark will be faster than JFK on every cab. Additionally, while United has focused their advertising efforts in New York around travel time to the airport, the company may have been more effective highlighting improvements to customer service and flying experience.


Paul Bissonnette secures sponsors for his upcoming documentary

This week, former hockey player Paul Bissonnette revealed that he will be creating a five part documentary series on British Colombia highlighting the natural beauty and all the province has to offer. Bissonnette is known for his time as a member of the Phoenix Coyotes and Pittsburgh Penguins, yet also for his entertaining Twitter personality under the name @BizNasty and @BizNasty2point0. With a history of sharp responses to criticism, Bissonnette has gained over one million followers on Twitter and 170,000 on Instagram. The documentary series has gained some unique sponsorships including Viktre, Eagle Energy and Biosteel. Viktre is a Toronto based social hosting website and app attempting to redefine digital engagement between top athletes and their fans. Eagle Energy is an energy boosting formula that is inhaled through an electronic vaporizer. The third and final sponsor of the documentary is Biosteel. Biosteel is invested heavily in hockey with a roster of endorsers including Tyler Seguin, Connor McDavid, and Wayne Gretzky. The first episode of the documentary will feature Toronto Maple Leaf’s Defenseman Morgan Rielly and each episode in the series feature a current NHL player. Bissonnette is utilizing his network to enhance the documentary as well as prove the value his personal brand can bring to a project in the future. As Bissonnette’s transitions to life away from hockey, it is no surprise that he is looking to maintain his personal brand value and create content.

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