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Picks of the Week: July 31, 2017

Picks of the Week: July 31, 2017


Miracle Whip Teams Up with the San Diego Splash

Miracle Whip has announced that they will sponsor the oldest team in the San Diego Women’s Basketball Association during their 2017-18 season, the San Diego Splash. The team – with each player over the age of 80 – made headlines this past July with a feature piece on ESPNW, garnering 24,000 Facebook shares and over 12 million views. This deal comes in support of the condiments move to bring back their original gold standard recipe, recognizing that some of the best things have been around for the longest time. The endorsement will include support for the team’s annual girls basketball camp scholarship program, league fees, official branded gear for warm-ups and an ample supply of Miracle Whip. The move to capitalize on the team’s recent fame will help to aim the spotlight on the brands new “old” recipe. Although the attention may be short lived, the endorsement capitalizes on current viral exposure while taking the opportunity to inform audiences on the history of the brand and increase sales of the popular spread.


Apple's new Siri spot stars a busy Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars in a new ad for Apple titled, “The Rock and Siri Dominate the Day”. The ad depicts the practical applications that Siri provides while helping The Rock tackle a number of seemingly impossible tasks. The tasks include painting the roof of a chapel in Rome, becoming a master chef, launching a fashion line, going to space, and making his way back to Earth in time to deliver a key line in a movie he is filming, all while Siri acts as his own personal assistant. Johnson, who is very popular and known for his incredible work ethic and the number of jobs he takes on, is a near-perfect endorser of Apple’s Siri. Not only is he the archetype of an individual who is able to accomplish a great deal, but also does so while frequently on the move, an advantage that Siri has over in-home personal assistants Google Home and Amazon Echo. The ad is an interesting strategic move from Apple, which has been maligned for the lack of usefulness and intuitiveness of Siri, with some even questioning why the feature still exists. If this is a larger attempt to amplify Siri’s relevance, they chose an endorser who has a great deal of positive equity with the public, which can be lent to the Siri platform through this series of advertisements.


Lyft to bring riders to Taco Bell drive-thrus

Beginning last week, Lyft passengers within a certain geographical radius of Newport Beach in California will be able to select “Taco Mode” as an option during their ride. Once selected, the car icons in the app will morph into tacos, a taco-themed vehicle will pick them up, and take them through a Taco Bell drive through on-route to their destination. This experiment will only be available between 9:00PM and 2:00AM, which is appropriate considering 14.8% Taco Bell’s customers visit the restaurant between 10:00PM and 4:00AM. This partnership looks to target the consumer with late-night food cravings who will likely stop for food regardless which could make the Lyft ride even more appealing. If this venture is successful Lyft has said they will roll the feature out in more cities. In the future, Lyft could create a permanent restaurant app feature that brings passengers to featured restaurants, without adding additional costs for detours. This solution would combat Lyft’s reluctance in regards to following Uber and launching a platform similar to UberEats as it guarantees the food will be fresh and remain hot.


LifeProof Sponsors the U.S Open of Surfing

LifeProof, a world leader in drop proof, dirt proof and waterproof phone cases, announced its return as an official sponsor of the U.S Open of Surfing. The U.S Open of Surfing takes place on July 29th through August 6th, at Huntington Beach, CA. This event sees an attendance of over 500,000 people throughout its duration. The U.S Open of Surfing provides a natural fit for the brand of LifeProof, who inspires action sports fans to live life actively and outside without the fear of endangering their electronic devices. LifeProof will be onsite throughout the event with a consumer booth situated near the action, with athlete autograph sessions and photo opportunities available throughout the weekend. The deal also allows LifeProof to distribute a sneak peek behind the scenes view of the Vans U.S Open of Surfing to their fans on their social media channels. The U.S Open of Surfing benefits from having a major sponsor such as LifeProof - the No. 1-selling waterproof case company in the U.S. - to increase exposure of their event.

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