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Picks of the Week: August 14, 2017

Picks of the Week: August 14, 2017


Vince Wilfork announces retirement through video sponsored by Kingsford Charcoal

Vince Wilfork, a 12-year NFL veteran who played for the New England Patriots and Houston Texans, recently announced that he will be “trading in his cleats for smoked meats”. This was announced in a humorous retirement video posted to his social media accounts last week. The video and announcement were sponsored by Kingsford Charcoal who Wilfork will continue to work with and create video content. Wilfork, who has long been known for his colourful and gregarious personality, affable demeanor and gargantuan size, has become a fan favorite in both New England and Texas and has nearly 1M followers on Twitter and Instagram. Wilfork will often post videos of himself grilling and eating meat and spending time with his family. In the video, Wilfork also announces that he will be throwing a retirement party in New England the night of the Patriots’ season-opening game versus the Kansas City Chiefs. The tailgate party will also be sponsored by Kingsford Charcoal. This was a creative effort by the brand to find a new, unique sponsorable property (an athlete’s retirement announcement). While it is clearly on-brand due to Wilfork’s long-time penchant for barbequing, it is also an example of a brand finding a way to attach itself to an athlete endorser in an authentic way, and one that does not rely on athletic achievements and simply relies on his personality and social media activities.


Vitamin Water activates the “Otherletes” campaign at Osheaga

Vitamin Water’s “Otherletes” campaign highlights the “other”, shifting focus from professional athletes to how artists need fuel and energy to hone in on their craft. They are doing this through telling stories of how Vitamin Water fuels their hustle. The brand partnered with multiple “Otherletes”, one of whom was Jayscale, a well-known photographer on Instagram. Jayscale was onsite at the most recent Osheaga festival offering tips on photography. This environment created a good fit for Jayscale and Vitamin Water as at music festivals such as Osheaga, fans will already be taking plenty of photos. Vitamin Water also recruited other influencers who ran workshops based on their crafts, such as music and coding. All influencers Vitamin Water recruited were Canadian and had different levels of following on Instagram, indicating that Vitamin Water was more interested in their craft than their following. With this “Otherletes” campaign, Vitamin Water is looking to clearly distinguish themselves from other major competitors like Gatorade who focus on leveraging professional athletes. 


FNB Bank Secures Jersey Sponsorship with South Africa Rugby

South African bank FNB has agreed to a new three-year partnership which will see the bank’s logo appear on the back of the South Africa Springbok’s rugby jersey. Normally a prominent rugby nation, South Africa has struggled recently as 2016 was the country’s worst year of play. Additionally, the South African currency is relatively weak which is causing players to leave for bigger European and Japanese markets. It is reported that the recent FNB sponsorship deal comes at a much more affordable price than previous jersey sponsors. However, rugby is still a popular sport in South Africa and the team has potential to turnaround from their 2016 season. FNB could capitalize if the team sees a return to prominence through the sponsorship of one of the country’s most prominent assets. 

The Rising Profile of Canadian Golf & Sponsor Opportunities

The Rising Profile of Canadian Golf & Sponsor Opportunities

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