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Picks of the Week: August 21, 2017

Picks of the Week: August 21, 2017


Detroit Tigers and Jack White Team Up For a Limited Edition Vinyl Record

Musician Jack White has partnered up with the Detroit Tigers to release a limited edition vinyl record. In collaboration with Jack White’s independent record label, Third Man Records, the vinyl will be sold with tickets for the September 24th game against the Minnesota Twins. The record itself will feature a new song called ‘Strike Out’ recorded by a roster of Third Man artists as well as an exclusive one-on-one interview with two-time world series champion Kirk Gibson. A portion of the proceeds goes to benefit the Kirk Gibson and Detroit Tigers Foundation. This partnership is a great fit as Jack White is a Detroit native and is an avid baseball fan. He co-owns a baseball bat company called Warstic and earlier this year starred composed the music for an ad for that same company. This partnership pairs two iconic figures, Kirk Gibson and Jack White, in their respected fields, to allow the Detroit Tigers to provide a unique collectible item to fans. This continues the trend where sports properties are partnering with artists who have a large footprint in pop culture and using their brand equity as a vehicle to establish their presence in that realm. Some notable musician and sports property collaborations include Chance the Rapper and the Chicago White Sox, and one of Canada’s more prominent artist and sport partnerships, Drake and the Toronto Raptors. This unique offering with Jack White allows the Detroit Tigers to authenticate their brand positioning with fans through an ambassador who is passionate about the team and the game of baseball.


Burger King Leverages Instagram Influencer Daquan

With 9.5 million followers, Daquan is one of the more prominent profiles on Instagram. Daquan specializes in posting memes which have become highly sharable. Daquan recently posted a sponsored Burger King meme, which involved him dancing out of a Burger King with 2 Whoppers as part of a new promotion. The comments were highly divided as some called out Daquan for posting a sponsored meme while others seemed to enjoy it. Regardless of how followers may view the sponsored content, the post does demonstrate how relatability drives engagement. Burger King received 2.1 million views and even more impressions on their Whopper deal for what is likely a smaller investment than if it were to have been a typical advertisement. Burger King has shown an effort to use untraditional methods for marketing as they recently reunited the cast of the Jersey Shore to promote their chicken parmesan sandwich.


American Express Continues their US Open and Venus Williams Sponsorship

Entering their 24th year as a sponsor of the US Open, American Express will look to leverage the sponsorship to provide exclusive access to their card members. In the past, they have created a virtual reality experience with Maria Sharapova and this year they will continue to use the latest technology to create engaging moments with fans. They will create American Express Air Tennis which will have fans compete against artificial intelligent opponents using their hands to return virtual tennis balls. American Express also leveraged Venus Williams who appeared in a new spot ahead of the tournament. The spot has her preparing for the tournament by picking out her on-court outfit and visualizing how she will perform at the tournament. As a long serving sponsor, American Express has become synonymous with the US Open and their commitment to technology will have fans seeking out their latest on-site activations.

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