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Booming Beauty: The Power of Influencers

Booming Beauty: The Power of Influencers

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  • Success in authentic marketing relies on pairing products that are true-to-influencer that consumers will immediately recognize.
  • Biggest isn’t always best; brands that leverage micro-influencers show the highest engagement with consumers.
  • Beauty brands that celebrate diversity in shade range will encourage promotion from a mass amount of influencers.

Over the past number of years, the beauty industry has seen an influx of influencer collaborations.­­ Brands are shifting from traditional advertising with celebrity brand ambassadors and utilizing the immense power that influencers have on social media.

“Influencer collaborations brought in an average of two times the dollar volume of traditional celebrity collaborations”
— Forbes

More consumers than ever are searching the internet for information on makeup brands, trends and products which are ultimately reviewed and recommended by their favourite and trusted influencer. Brands have recognized this power and have used influencer marketing to its full potential in order to reach their target and drive sales. MKTG explores key learnings in three recent influencer branded collaborations in this powerful makeup movement.

By pairing a product that is true-to-influencer, authenticity is created between the brand and consumer.


This summer, Benefit Cosmetics released an influencer branded stowaway collection featuring some of YouTube’s favourite beauty bloggers. This travel sized collection includes five of Benefit’s best-selling products individually endorsed by some of the leading faces of the online beauty industry. The strategic pairing was based on the influencer’s favourite product that they consistently use in their well-known beauty routines. Consumers recognize and trust this relation which allows for an authentic connection and desire to recreate the look. Brands that decide to use influencers should look to pair products that align with their persona and organic product use to create best fit that consumers will know and love.

Brands that leverage micro-influencers prove to show the highest engagement with consumers.

“Micro-influencers tend to have a much more genuine following. They have built their audience by delivering trusted content that their audience values…”
— Mara McCune, VP at E.L.F

E.l.f Cosmetics amplifies “Beautyscape” program to gather fifty micro-influencers (on average 1500 followers) for a weekend getaway. The influencer program and “mini-conference” is designed to teach make up tutorials, showcase E.l.f products and provide the opportunity to work with professional artists.

“Micro-influencers have an engagement rate of 8%, while influencers with around a million followers only have a 1.7% engagement rate with their audience”
— FashionNetwork.com

Due to the high engagement and strategy of honing in and strongly impacting these influencers, the promotion of E.l.f amongst the chosen influencer channels increased causing a ripple effect on social platforms. As a result, E.l.f saw a 25% increase of followers on their social media since the launch of Beautyscape. Brands that have the desire to pursue influencer marketing can examine prioritizing engagement over reach and utilizing the capability that micro-influencers have to offer.

Beauty brands that celebrate diversity in shade range will encourage promotion from a mass amount of influencers leading in higher awareness.


The makeup industry has been deemed notorious for not having a large selection of shade ranges; Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty says otherwise. The brand hit stores in a variety of countries this fall showcasing one of the most recent and largest movements of beauty product line diversity (the line caters to 40 skin tones). The products were reviewed and tested by a vast amount of key influencers which resulted in heavy promotion and media attention which helped to catapult retail success.

The success relied on the voice and inclusion of influencers that led to global awareness which supplemented Rihanna’s successful ad campaign. Brands that have the opportunity to celebrate diversity should investigate strategies to organically include a variety of influencers to assist in reaching a wider range of consumers

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