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Picks of the Week: August 8, 2017

Picks of the Week: August 8, 2017


Samsung Partners with Tough Mudder to bring the Endurance Event to Virtual Reality

Samsung and obstacle course race Tough Mudder have teamed up to deliver the event in Virtual Reality. Tough Mudder hosts over 20 events attracting 2.5 million participants per year, in 6 countries across the world. With this partnership, it will allow anyone to experience the obstacle course in 360-degrees before they participate in the event. The goal of this collaboration is to amplify Tough Mudder’s digital presence through Samsung’s integrated virtual reality technology. The tech giant continues to invest its VR technologies into sports and entertainment providing a live pass to these events. It has previously brought fans to the UFC ring, basketball aficionado’s to the NBA court, and now endurance race participants into the obstacle course. The idea behind the partnership is to offer participants who are apprehensive to signing up, the chance to experience the extreme 12-mile courses in virtual reality before the main event from a range of Samsung devices. For now, Samsung stated it will deliver VR at Tough Mudder’s UK events in 2017 and will also have an on-site presence in the Mudder Village, in an effort to further enhance the experience for participants and spectators by providing exclusive VR footage of Tough Mudder courses on Samsung devices, and various product displays. Virtual Reality (VR) has quickly become one of the top technology trends leveraged by both brands and properties to create immersive consumer experiences. By association Tough Mudder is reinforcing their brand positioning through their customized VR offering.


Jacksonville Jaguars secures first UK based sponsor

The Jacksonville Jaguars have recently partnered with LGT Vestra U.S., a London-based investment management firm, becoming the first U.K. based company to sponsor the Jaguars for their annual NFL game in London, England. LGT Vestra targets Americans living in Europe, hosting many B2B events throughout the year, now including the Jags annual game at Wembley Stadium. LGT Vestra does not receive any signage or LED for the event, as both of these are reserved for game and league sponsors, however, they will receive in-game recognition. While LGT Vestra is the first U.K. sponsor for Jacksonville, the Jags currently have two U.S. based firms, Visit Florida and insurance firm, Assure as sponsors of the team for the NFL game in London. Through the partnership, LGT Vestra will be able to promote their firm as an active sponsor of the Jags at the annual NFL game targeting Americans living in London who will likely be interested in the game. In addition, the Jags brand will continue to grow in the U.K. with the support of LGT Vestra, as the Jags and LGT Vestra will collaborate on numerous community outreach programs, aimed to foster the growth of American football and the popularity of the Jags at a grassroots level. 


JC Penny teams up with Project Runway

JC Penny has secured a partnership with long-running reality TV show, Project Runway. The show is entering its 16th season and will have J.C. Penney on board through season 17.  In addition, JC Penney will also be the exclusive retailer for Project Runway All Stars which is entering its 7th season. JC Penny will use challenges and competitions on the show to promote their brand. For example, contestants are given a task to produce a look based on a theme and the winning designs will be promptly available for consumers to purchase online and in-store the next morning. Prior to the show, it was announced that JC Penney will have Project Runway collection launching in September which is inspired by the previous season’s winner. This season’s winner will also have the opportunity to collaborate with JC Penney to further the Project Runway collection brand. From JC Penney’s point of view, the partnership will allow them to reach a broader audience of consumers. Using Project Runway as a platform JC Penney will be able to build awareness of their fashion assortment offering encouraging consumers to check out their stores.

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