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Picks of the Week: October 16, 2017

Picks of the Week: October 16, 2017


 Account Coordinator, Strategy & Consulting

Burger King leverages "IT" movie for unique tactic.

Burger King has capitalized on the movie, ‘It’s’ success with a form of ambush marketing in cinemas across Germany. After viewers had their bellies full of horror, BK projected on the screen the simple message “Never Trust a Clown” in effort to troll McDonald and their mascot – Ronald McDonald. Coincidentally, Burger King Russia has issued a complaint to the countries Federal Anti-Monopoly Service requesting the film be banned because lead villain Pennywise has an uncanny resemblance to Ronald McDonald and therefore the movie itself is essentially a giant ad for McDonalds.

It’s no surprise that ‘It’ has had numerous brands jumping on its recent success as the highest grossing horror movie of all time. According to MVP Index the film has already achieved success of 10.9 million engagements on their Twitter posts. As a brand Burger King is one that consistently creating stunts to ignite conversation, generate awareness and create noise. Today we see brands increasingly attempting to create funny viral moments to fit in with the internet conversation and ultimately drive traffic to their stores. With this stunt, Burger King delivered a brilliant stunt and prank on their rival with this creative piece of marketing. 



 Account Manager, Activations & Events

JP Morgan Chase locked up naming rights to the new home of the Golden State Warriors opening in 2019.

JP Morgan Chase locked up naming rights to the new home of the Golden State Warriors opening in 2019.  The “Chase Center” has set a new bar in arena naming rights as they now own the most expensive US arena name deal. The deal is estimated to be $300 million over twenty years..

As the arena has not been built yet, the deal includes various signage and Chase ATMs throughout Oracle Arena which is where the Warriors currently play.  For the Warriors VIP floor seat holders they will have access to a newly renovated J.P. Morgan Club.

To celebrate the partnership, Chase will be activatating a “Golden Victory Ball” tour to kick of the 2017-2018 NBA season. The display is an 8-foot-tall golden basketball that travels around attached to a Warriors-themed flatbed truck.  Starting October 10th, the Golden Victory Ball will tour through five Bay Area cities providing fans the opportunity to interact and enter into a promotional contest. The selection of five cities is reflective of the total amount NBA titles the Warriors have won.  Simply, by using #GoldenSweepstakes fans will automatically be entered into a contest to win a pair of Warriors Opening Night tickets as well as other prizes.



Account Coordinator, Activations & Events

The Weather Company becomes the Official Weather Partner of NASCAR.

The Weather Company, an IBM owned parent company, has recently been named the Official Weather Partner of NASCAR. NASCAR sanctions 1,200 races per year across the United States and each one is reliable on the forecast for that particular day and location. The Weather Company provides forecasts for 2.2 billion locations across the world in 15 minute increments. Their ability to deliver hyper-localized weather information will provide NASCAR the data they need to make informed decisions. Alongside Flagship Solutions Group, The Weather Company will develop an information dashboard dubbed “The Weather Track” which will compile an abundance of data into concise, actionable information. From logistics and safety to sales and athlete decision making, the weather does not only dictate event execution; hotter tracks create a slick surface, head and tail winds determine driver strategy and cooler air increases horsepower.

Information provided by the Weather Company in this applicable partnership will allow NASCAR to make decisions on both a micro and macro scale. As of now, NASCAR will use the data to make event execution decisions and analyze track conditions, however they foresee a greater integration of The Weather Company into both yearly scheduling and fan engagement. NASCAR hopes to introduce weather analytics as outward facing information for fans to enjoy.