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Picks of the Week: October 2, 2017

Picks of the Week: October 2, 2017



 Coordinator, Activations & Events

 Starbucks original series ‘Upstanders’ will debut second season on Amazon Prime and Audible.

Starbucks has announced that they will be debut the second season of their original series ‘Upstanders’ on Amazon Prime and Audible. Premiering October 10th, Upstanders follows stories of regular citizens taking a stand on issues in their community to create positive change. The series is produced by Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz who regularly uses his voice and the reach of the company to get involved in social and political issues. In 2013 Schultz asked customers to stop bringing firearms into Starbucks and in 2015 started the ‘Race Together’ initiative in response to the multiple killings of black men in the USA. Starbucks is a brand that knows their position when it comes to sociocultural issues, however this is not always clear cut for brands and sponsors.

Brands ad sponsors cannot completely avoid involvement in sociocultural issues, however Schultz from Starbucks summarized the struggle stating, “Starbucks has always strived to achieve the fragile balance between profit and conscience.”


Coordinator, Strategy & Consulting

Coca-Cola signs first ‘Virtual Athlete' in latest FIFA game

Coca-Cola has signed an endorsement deal with the virtual football star – Alex Hunter who is the protagonist of EA Sports’ FIFA 2018 video game. For Coca-Cola this endorsement deal allows them to reinforce their commitment in the gaming category beyond their existing partnership with eSports League of Legends tournament.

The recently released creative spot is a re-enactment of the brand’s classic 1979 “Mean Joe” ad, in which a young fan hands American football hero “Mean” Joe Greene a bottle of Coca-Cola after a tough game. With added product placements in video games, it provides another level of authenticity because brands are everywhere in real life. With the advent of VR and AR fans are expecting games to replicate reality and provide an immersive element with the brand involvement. Ultimately, virtual endorsement deals are a risk-free territory for brands as virtual stars don’t carry the same potential problems real athletes do such as injuries and controversies . With this partnership we can expect Coca-Cola to capitalize on their new virtual endorsed athlete to connect with FIFA fans around the world.



Manager, Activations & Events

Lycamobile become an official partner of the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Lycamobile enter the NFL partnership with the Jaguars looking to expand its product and service offering to US consumers while continuing to develop stronger and more meaningful connections with new and existing consumers in the UK.

Lycamobile is the world’s largest mobile virtual network operator.  They will now officially be the UK founding partner and mobile network partner for the Jaguars.  In addition, naming rights of the ‘Jaguars Jam’ have been provided to Lycamobile.  It is an online weekly press conference that features a Jaguars player answering questions from United Kingdom which is a first of its kind amongst the league. To enhance and promote the partnership Jaguars and Lycamobile will engage in various marketing activations and fan experiences that will give Jaguars fans a chance to win tickets.  In-stadium partnership assets extend to the South End Zone where a food and beverage concessions would be available in a branded area. The iconic stadium entrance gates will be rebranded as ‘The Lycamobile Gate’.


Snapchat Campus Takeover

Snapchat Campus Takeover