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Picks of the Week: September 25, 2017

Picks of the Week: September 25, 2017



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Abbi Jacobson teams up with Virgin Atlantic to promote new in flight WiFi service.

Virgin Atlantic is taking an interesting route to promote its new in-flight WiFi service. The airline has enlisted the help of Broad City co-creator and star, Abbi Jacobson for its new platform called #LiveFromVirgin. Through the platform, Jacobson will headline five other comedians who will tweet and post Instagram stories from their seats on six different transatlantic flights.

WiFi on transatlantic flights is generally a very difficult proposition – with most airlines not offering it, offering it at a substantial premium or it simply not working due to technical difficulties. This strategy seems like an aggressive attempt by Virgin to highlight the amenities that come with flying with them, rather than attempting to highlight other features such as friendly service, price, etc.

Jacobson is also an interesting choice to headline the campaign as she rose to prominence with the extremely popular web series, Broad City, which was picked up Comedy Central and is now entering its 4th season. The show follows two best friends in New York, Abbi and Ilana and often crosses into risqué territory. Due to Jacobson’s immense popularity with millennials, this appears to be a clear attempt by Virgin Atlantic to appeal to the demographics that is more likely to be swayed by in-flight entertainment and consistent, reliable access to wifi when choosing their next airline carrier.



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eBay launches back to school campaign featuring various influencers and ShopBot.

The #ebayBackToCollege campaign leverages influencers and athletes such as Karl Anthony Towns, Dyl, Kota Gonzales and Olivia Culpo to disseminate their key messaging just in time for the back to school season. The influencers and athletes communicate the same message; mentioning the University they are attending and two items that they purchased off of eBay that are essential for the new school year. Posts also integrate eBay's personal shopping tool, ShopBot.

With ShopBot, influencers deliver the message that high usage of the shopping tool results in a more tailored shopping experience. This speaks to the needs and wants of student consumers regarding the desire for a more efficient shopping experience.  The campaign showcases products that truly spark personal interest in order to “Express your own individuality” through “Filling your cart with colour” when preparing for the school year.



Coordinator, Activations

Foo Fighters open pop-up pub in London, England.

The Foo Fighters open a pop-up pub titled "The Foo Fighters Arms" in London, England to promote new album Concrete and Gold. The pub will serve and sell Foo Fighter branded beer (named after tracks on the album), food and merchandise. Fans can celebrate the launch of the album with scheduled listenign parties party. The activation serves as an inviting, multi-sensory experience to immerse guests in the album launch and marketing campaign.

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