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Picks of the Week: September 5, 2017

Picks of the Week: September 5, 2017


Netflix creates different strains of marijuana based on their original series

Last weekend, Netflix took a step into an industry where majority of brands are not willing to go. To promote their new show Disjointed, Netflix partnered with marijuana dispensary Alternative Herbal Health Services (AHHS), to create a pop-up shop in West Hollywood. Disjointed is a comedy that follows a mother and her experiences of opening up a marijuana dispensary. Leading up to the pop-up shop, Netflix worked alongside AHHS to create 12 strains of marijuana based on 10 of its shows: Mystery Science 3000: The Return, Grace and Frankie, Chelsea and Santa Clarita Diet, Orange is the New Black, and more. Netflix claims that the strains of marijuana had been developed based on the descriptions of the shows and desired feelings while watching. Experiential marketing aspects were added as the pop-up shop was designed to look similar to that in Disjointed with all branding and signage the same as well. Netflix has a smart strategy through the creation of this pop-up shop. The marijuana sponsorship industry has yet to be fully explored by brands due to fears of the stigma and backlash. Hosting a two day activation allows Netflix to test the market and analyze the feedback before committing to a full campaign involving a controversial product. Over one hundred jars, roughly one pound, were sold over the two-day activation.


Vice teams up with Match.com for new Snapchat series starring Action Bronson

Vice and Match.com have created a new original series that will be available through Snapchat. The new series will show couples on their first date which were designed by New York Rapper Action Bronson. The show called Hungry Hearts will also show commentary on the date by Action Bronson himself. Bronson already has a food themed show with Vice called F***, That’s Delicious and due to his popularity on that show, he was recruited to star in the new Hungry Hearts series. While dating apps are popular these days, younger people have gravitated towards Tinder and Bumble while other sites like Match.com have a greater difficulty capturing the younger audience. With this new partnership, Match.com can tap into Vice’s ability to appeal to younger people and reposition their service to a new crowd.


Multiple Yankees star in Wix.com spot

Last week, Wix.com released a commercial as part of their partnership with the New York Yankees. The commercial spot includes several current and retired members of the Yankees including manager Joe Girardi, Didi Gregorius, Chase Headley, and Paul O’Neill. The brand has standing partnerships not only with the Yankees, but also with the City Football Group (including Manchester City and Melbourne City.) Traditionally, cloud-based web-development platforms like Wix and GoDaddy have leveraged Super Bowl ads in order to reach a large audience. However, earlier this year, GoDaddy leveraged a similar partnership and humorous campaign with the Toronto Raptors and Centre Jonas Valanciunas. Sports properties like the Yankees and Raptors appeal to a much larger audience than their immediate city, allowing brands like Wix to reach large segments of the consuming public, while showcasing the personalities of the athletes they sponsor.

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