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Picks of the Week: January 15, 2018

Picks of the Week: January 15, 2018



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Big Baller Brand x Prienu Vytautas for the Big Baller Brand Challenge Games



Levar Ball partnered with a Lithuanian basketball club, Prienu Vytautas, that his two sons Lamelo and Liangelo are playing on, for the Big Baller Brand Challenge games. That the games will give his sons an opportunity to have lots of playing time in 25 exhibition games against many teams across Lithuania before they go into the regular season, and the first game was broadcasted on Facebook.

They have a partnership with Facebook for Ball in the Family the TV show which documents their family life. This game was also broadcasted in partnership with Facebook with the first game receiving over 100,000 viewers. The court was covered in BBB branding, the refs had BBB shirts, and the MVPs of the game receive a free pair of Zo2 shoes, Lonzo signature sneaker.

Levar also claims to be creating a Junior NBA league which will give Players another option after High School and before going to the League, and will get paid between $3k and 10k a month.


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Dallas Mavericks Reveal Their New Chinese Name


Months after announcing that they are changing their official Chinese moniker, the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks have created a new team name for the franchise in China, in an effort to rebrand the team in a country that represents the NBA’s biggest global market. Following a rebranding campaign, the Dallas Mavericks announced that their name will be changed to (DúXíngXiá) in China, which translates roughly in English to ‘Lone Ranger Heroes’.

The search for the new name began in September 2017, and was selected through crowd-sourcing ideas on Chinese social media network Weibo in a campaign hosted by the Mavericks in partnership with Chinese technology conglomerate Tencent Sport. Over 50,000 new monikers are believed to have been suggested by fans, which were then narrowed down to a final three by the Mavericks and put to a final vote for Chinese fans. Mavs owner Mark Cuban then announced the result in a video posted on Weibo. The new name, which won’t affect the team’s branding in English, is being used on the Mavericks’ Chinese-language social media, and will be adopted throughout China’s digital, print and broadcast media. With this new rebranding, the Dallas Mavericks have adopted a co-creative approach by empowering their Chinese speaking fans to leave their mark on an NBA franchise.  



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WWE partners with Next VR.


The virtual reality experiences will be approximately 10 minutes and available for free to the WWE Universe globally on a new WWE channel within the NextVR app following each event. The content will provide fans with a completely new experience, featuring highlights from WWE’s biggest events, including the excitement of the fans, athleticism of WWE’s larger-than-life Superstars, pivotal moments, epic showdowns and surprise appearances, giving them the opportunity to see the action as if they were there live.

Why Chatbots Are A Must Have Technology for Activations

Why Chatbots Are A Must Have Technology for Activations

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