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MKTG Welcomes New #Humans: Meet our MKTG Interns!

MKTG Welcomes New #Humans: Meet our MKTG Interns!

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·         MKTG welcomes three new interns on the LIVE, Consulting and Creative teams.

·         Our interns share their insights on trends they have spotted within the industry of sponsorship, design and live experiences.

·         Find out what resources they use to stay current such as which social media profiles they are following and their go-to publications.

MKTG is committed to developing industry talent through the creation of internship and entry-level opportunities, allowing the next generation of lifestyle marketers the chance to develop their skills in the sponsorship industry. MKTG has recently onboarded three new interns, with each role supporting a unique area of expertise. Read below to learn more about Leshell, Soha and Lindsey and their insights on the industry.


Lindsey Labow, LIVE

Sport and Event Marketing at George Brown College

"My cooking passion led me to try out for Masterchef Canada!"

Soha Hassan, Consulting

International Business Administration at the Schulich School of Business.

"You can spot me in Nav Bhatia’s Superfan Foundation launch video!"

Leshell Luu, Creative

Global Business & Digital Arts at University of Waterloo

"Coming from a tech background, I have learned how to code websites and computer games."


Which social media profiles are you following in lifestyle marketing?

Soha: I am a huge fan of influencer accounts, specifically people known internationally such as @perniaq. I love to see how they bring their unique background and culture to the global platform. Also, I probably follow every single NBA fashion account there is on Instagram, and I can guarantee #nbastyle is my most frequently searched hashtag.

Leshell: The best profiles that I like keeping track of are fashion related companies that put an emphasis on the design of their campaigns as well as creating their own trends like @UrbanOutfitters and @Zara. Non-fashion related companies such as @Uber also display examples of strong marketing techniques and keep their content feed full of variety.

Lindsey: I would say my social pages are split between food, sports and influencers. I not only follow restaurants from Toronto, and world wide, but also food network and major food celebrities. In the sports world I follow the major sports networks, Canadian teams, @spittinchiclets, @PatMcAfeeShow, and @barstoolsports. Lastly, I like to keep an eye on what lifestyle influencers are up to and how major brands are continuing to keep their partnerships innovative.

What trends are you noticing in the world of sponsorship, design and activations?

Soha: I have noticed that brands are increasingly acting on the well-known saying, quality over quantity. Whether it be selecting and influencer, planning an activation, or visual design components- it is increasingly becoming less about mediocrely reaching everyone and more about perfectly reaching a few.

Leshell: The design industry changes so fast that trends come and go. A popular trend that I’ve been seeing are the change in colours, specifically, gradients. Whether the gradients are subtle or emphasized, they are almost used all the time to display a sense of creativity as well as professionalism.

Lindsey: I see a rise in brand activism and cause sponsorship. Corporate social responsibility has become an indispensable tool for brands looking to set themselves apart from the competition. With the rise in political and environmental issues, consumers are looking to their favourite brands to step up and do their part.

What are you reading and/or what resources are you using to stay current in our industry?

Soha: I make sure to get my daily dose of Sports Business Journal, Hypebeast and Overtime Sport. Alongside current news, I read a lot of autobiographies on powerful figures to try and understand what pillars make for a great influencer. I am currently working through the Autobiography of Malcom X and Unbelievable: The Life, Death, and Afterlife of the Notorious B.I.G!

Leshell: The two resources that I always go back and forth from is @Medium and @Muzli. These two sites keep me updated on the current and upcoming trends in the design industry as well as show unique concepts that inspire me when I’m working on my own designs. 

Lindsey: I like to keep an eye on websites that showcase the latest from brands such as AdWeek and BrandActive. By researching and reading a variety of case studies, I am able to keep myself well rounded and informed on different events, partnerships and sponsorships around the world.

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