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How brands can tap into these venues…

How brands can tap into these venues…

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·        Brands are activating at art-based venues because they provide opportunities for brands to truly utilize the venue, such as co-creating branded experiences.

·        MKTG highlights three emerging event spaces in Toronto’s art scene that brands can be leveraged for future activations.

·        Brands should act fast and lead the pack before other brands take ownership of these spaces.

This week, we reached out to the MKTG LIVE team for a comprehensive list of promising up-and-coming venues that brands could be leveraged for engaging and effective activations. The nominated shortlist spoke directly to a trend we’ve seen in successful brand activations—connecting with burgeoning arts hubs.

As marketers, we shouldn’t be afraid to explore the non-traditional, as these spaces can often lead to one-of-a-kind live experiences. While many of these venues are not purpose-built for events, many can be repurposed to host activations, and often times limited partnerships with brands can be a welcome initiative and source of revenue for emerging creative spaces.

Art spaces provide a unique opportunity for brands to naturally enhance the consumer experience—whether it’s the creative energy and ethos of the place, “instagrammable” décor, the history behind the building, or a location that attracts aspiring creators. Aligning your brand with the arts can be a powerful way to create a personal connection with your customers—tapping into a passion point that they truly care about. When it comes to planning a brand activation, choosing an untapped arts hub can draw in curious crowds, lend credibility, improve the overall experience and impact of the activation.

MKTG explores new and emerging creative hubs in Toronto.

Super Wonder Gallery

Location: 584 College St.


Super Wonder Gallery was founded in 2012 by artist Christian Aldo, known in Toronto for his larger than life personality. Since moving from Bloor St. to College St. last year, the caliber of art and performance hosted by the venue has only increased, with the gallery receiving praise for it’s innovative exhibitions. The venue hosts a variety of niche art events – from fine art, to retro TV show parties, to Drag events.

The venue is in a highly populated area, boasting pedestrian traffic of 6,000 a day, vehicle traffic of 14,000, and easy connections to transit – all of which adds up to a significant opportunity for brand awareness. Beyond that, Super Wonder Gallery is more than just a venue – they have an inhouse team which provides creative services to help brands in the creation of live music, corporate events, art showcases, theater and fashion runways.

Paradise Theatre [Opening Late 2018]

Location: 1006 Bloor St. W

The Paradise Theatre is steeped in Toronto history as one of the first art deco theatres in the city. While closed since 2006, and well past it’s heyday, it’s since gone through a major overhaul and redesign with the tentative opening scheduled for late 2018. The new ownership will keep the theatre but will introduce new aspects that will be attractive for brands and offer a full suite of services (food, drink and hosting abilities).