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Meet Our MKTG Interns

Meet Our MKTG Interns

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  • MKTG is committed to developing industry talent with our ongoing internship program available on all sides of our business: Consulting, Creative and LIVE.

  • Our interns John and Ali provide insights on trends they notice within the world of sponsorship, design and activations.

  • Find out who they are following on social media and other resources they use to stay current within the industry of lifestyle marketing.

MKTG is proud to welcome our latest #HumansOfMKTG to the team with the addition of two new interns: Graphic Design Intern, John MacDonald and Consulting Intern, Ali Joyaa. For the past 11 years, MKTG has been committed to developing industry talent through the creation of internship and entry-level opportunities, allowing the next generation of lifestyle marketers first-hand exposure to all aspects of the sponsorship industry. Read below to learn more about John and Ali and their views on this dynamic industry.

What are you currently studying?

Ali: Sports and Event Marketing student at George Brown College. I did my undergrad at U of T and majored in Media Studies and Psychology.

John: Currently studying design at York University.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

Ali: I am a huge basketball fan, but I am no good at actually playing the sport!

John: I played the bagpipes throughout high school!

What are you reading and/or what resources are you using to stay current in our industry?

Ali: I am currently following along with articles from Hypebeast and Complex to stay informed on­­ new shoe and lifestyle releases, any announcements regarding collaborations, and general news in the streetwear world. On social media, I follow all major brands so I don’t miss any new campaigns and drops, and I follow Highsnobiety to provide me news on trends in fashion, music, sneakers, design and the arts.

John: I follow a number of profiles on social media related to food, travel and sports. I’m an avid listener to a number of soccer podcasts including the Football Ramble and the Totally Football Show to keep up with stories from around the game. Among my sources for inspiration and design news are Designboom and It’s Nice That.

What trends are you noticing in the world of sponsorship, design and activations?

Ali: Collaborations between fashion-minded com­­panies and sports apparel powerhouses are becoming a very popular trend, and are in my opinion, proving to be successful for the companies involved. They inject new life into brands and the exclusive releases have many clamoring to get these new items. Recently what comes to mind is the ongoing Pharrell Williams and Adidas collaboration that has led to new apparel and shoe lines for Adidas, and the Off-White Nike collaboration that has bridged the sneaker world and fashion.

John: A few of the design trends I have noticed in 2018 is the use of bold typography in everything from packaging to digital design. The use of animation and custom GIFS are also being used to add more visual appeal and to engage the user.

Talk about a recent partnership has stood out to you.

Ali: A partnership that has greatly interested me lately has been the launch of the Adidas Originals x Dragon Ball Z. Many were surprised at which shoes the company picked to include as part of the collaboration, as there was a noticeable lack of the popular Boost incorporated lines such as the NMD and Ultraboost series. However, with the extreme popularity of the anime series amongst millennials, the collaboration would hopefully bring energy and attention to other shoe lines, as it highlights new models that debuted in 2018. I think this is a very interesting partnership with a lot of potential, and I am following it closely to see if it becomes a success or not.

John: The Kid Power Partnership from UNICEF - UNICEF partnered with Target to go national with their “Kid Power Bands” – a $40 activity tracker specifically designed for kids, available in-store and online exclusively at Target. These were no ordinary wearables however: the more active kids get, the more therapeutic food UNICEF provides to malnourished children. By logging into the Kid Power companion app, kids accept “challenges”, compete against their friends, redeem their activity for food donations, and learn more about the issues that they’re helping to solve.

To read more about the Kid Power partnership, click here for MKTG’s Roundtable on our favourite non-profit partnerships.

This partnership created a wearable device and app that encourages children and youth to be more active. This partnership stems from the world of non-profit brand collaborations which is something that stands out to me as as brands are taking a proactive approach to make positive difference in the world. The partnership provides social awareness of the inactivity of today’s children and also makes a meaningful impact-it seems like an organic partnership which is an important for consumers to recognize.

Thanks Ali and John!



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