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3 Sponsorship Takeaways from HQ Trivia

3 Sponsorship Takeaways from HQ Trivia

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  • Brands can use HQ Trivia hosts as their next brand ambassador.
  • Sponsoring live content can create a higher consumer engagement with brands versus traditional mobile advertising.

  • HQ Trivia will look for partners that enhance gameplay and add to the user experience while it is early in its lifecycle.

What is HQ Trivia?

HQ Trivia is a free game show app founded by the creators of Vine, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll that broadcasts live, weekdays at 3pm and 9pm EST and weekends at 9pm EST. The show attracts an average of 500,000 – 750,000  people per game where users tune in live to answer twelve questions from a variety of topics that span over a fifteen minute time frame - if every question is answered correctly, there is a pool of money the winners split. The app has a high popularity with users and has only grown since its launch. In January 2018, there have been many days where viewership has surpassed over a million.

Source: Jay Kapoor

Source: Jay Kapoor

Since the success of the US version, the app is beginning to expand to other markets such as the UK, where questions will be tailored for the UK demographic. HQ has yet to announce official sponsors or partnerships. MKTG breaks down three reasons why brands should become involved.

Brands can use HQ Trivia Hosts as their next brand ambassador.

HQ’s main host is comedian Scott Ragowsky but the game frequently rotates in guest hosts such as Sharon Carpenter (journalist) and Sarah Pribis (actress). Regardless of how well known the hosts are, HQ Trivia provides a platform for hosts to build their brand twice a day in front of an average of 500,000 to 1,000,000+ people. Players become invested with the hosts as they begin to develop their appeal and recognition with HQ’s audience with their humor and savvy on-camera persona. The hosts are rising stars and brands can leverage the attention and personality they are building within the app.

Sponsoring live content can create a higher consumer engagement with brands versus using traditional mobile advertising.

HQ Players stay engaged with the live game even after they lose which allows for a long lasting branded engagement with consumers. The benefit of live stems from being able to target users multiple times with a user’s full attention. HQ incorporates a real FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) factor within the game where players will stick around to see whether or not they would know the answer of the subsequent questions that lead to the jackpot. Another benefit of sponsoring live content and specifically with HQ, is the build of anticipation. HQ has exclusively set playing times of 3pm and 9pm supplemented with a game-start countdown that sparks a user’s adrenaline.

Mobile advertising has its challenges such ad blocking software, ad loading speed and "skippable" options which causes many smartphone users to not be fully targeted though traditional mobile efforts. Using sponsored material within a live app may be a more efficient route for brands to take when delivering messaging to consumers. Brands now have a new platform to deliver multiple messaging over a 15 minute period which provides a higher ROI and engagement with brands.

HQ will look for partners that enhance game-play and add to the user experience while it is early in its life-cycle.

HQ is unlikely to partner with brands that will interrupt or upset user game-play such as integrating multiple sponsored questions. HQ is likely to adopt the following:

1.       The Countdown: The game-start countdown plays before every game. It gives users a few minutes to get prepared and gather friends to play HQ. This countdown creates anticipation and excitement and provides a space for brands to create pre-roll advertisements during this time.

2.       The Final Question: The last question of every game is the deciding factor of whether or not the players will win cash. If brands were to engage in sponsored questions, the last question may be best fit as it is the final hurdle between winning cash and is the least likely to upset game-play.

3.       New Prizing Options: Brands can become involved by offering prizes that would replace cash such as gift cards, excursions, apparel or any other tie backs to the potential sponsor.

HQ Trivia is currently pulling the interest of many brands that have yet to be mentioned according to the founders of the app.

With HQ Trivia’s current place in the market, MKTG believes brands should be aware of the apps popularity and how marketers can become involved.


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