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Introducing Decoding Canada

Introducing Decoding Canada


Today, MKTG Canada is proud to launch Decoding Canada; an in-depth research tool that explores the attitudes of Canadians with respect to sponsorship and sponsorship activation connected to every major property in the country across sports, entertainment, music, food, e-sports and more.

The Decoding Canada dataset, based on a study of 3,000+ Canadians, provides marketers with tangible insights into how to effectively reach and have a meaningful impact on consumers through sponsorship. This includes how to find them, and impactfully communicate with them in order to maximize the success of their sponsorship investment. A fundamental part of this equation is the introduction of a new industry metric: Receptivity. This is an examination of how receptive consumers are to sponsorship marketing and how their receptivity changes across demographic, region, property type and specific property.

Through the analysis of data, three very specific types of Canadians were identified:

  • Receptives (those highly receptive to sponsor messaging) – 18% of consumers

  • Selectives (those “on-the-fence” in their receptivity – they are amenable to sponsors and value their contributions, but don’t always engage) - 44% of consumers

  • Non-receptives (fans who tune sponsors out completely) – 38% of consumers

Fan Segments

While Receptivity can vary by demographic, or from person-to-person, it’s also heavily influenced by the context the fan is in or passion of theirs being sponsored. By digging into fans within sports, gaming, entertainment, culinary and music segments, we start to see meaningful differences in their receptivity to sponsorship messages:


Within these segments themselves, there can also be dramatic variances between fan Receptivity towards sponsors from one niche passion to another.

In addition to delivering a better understanding of how receptive Canadians are to sponsorship, Decoding Canada will provide deeper insight than ever before on:

  • Canadian perception or attitude towards sponsors

  • Receptivity to sponsor messaging

  • Activation tactic effectiveness

  • A range of other insights, attitudes and consumption behavior metrics across different sponsorship properties

We are thrilled to be bringing this new audience-driven insight tool to our current clients and prospective clients so that we can build more impactful sponsorship programs together. Moving forward, data-driven insights derived from Decoding Canada will be used in the day-to-day work we are doing together.

MKTG Voice, the home of our thought leadership content, will feature insights from Decoding all year long. Be sure to visit this site regularly for new content from the dataset.


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